Thursday, 17 October 2013

Unusual Trampoling Buddies....

Well I've had my first Makaton Signing lesson and absolutely loved it! I have a great tutor and a great rapport with him!
The time went so quickly but we did manage to cover quite a few signs as well as practice them too.
When the SALT (speech and language therapist) asked me if there were any particular signs I wanted to know.........well I'm sure you can guess what I asked for? Oh yes! the beloved washing machine! :)) if I learn nothing else then I must know this sign.

Now Makaton does not have a sign for washing machine (how could they leave this precious and important sign out I ask you?! hiss! boo!) so we are using the BSL sign for washing machine which I've had loooaaaaddss of practice at this week with DS! I'm looking forward to the next session already!

Now DS has been up to some funny little tricks just recently. He has taken to dragging some strange things onto his trampoline with him and bouncing with them. It started with the clothes airer, this was dragged up the garden, into the trampoline and bounced with until it could take no more and folded itself up! DS found this hilarious! So would get me to open it up again for him to bounce with the thing bouncing up and down with him for it them to fold shut. I must admit the more he laughed then the more I laughed (I'm sure the neighbours have already written me off to be bonkers ;)
Once he got tired of that, he started to take other things in for a bounce such as the shoe rack and his garage...
Here is a queue of trampolining 'buddies' all waiting patiently for their turn!
A few chairs, a scooter and a cushion have also joined DS for a bounce.

I'm not too sure of the fascination behind this one but it brings him fun and is not harming anyone so he can carry on least the beds are safe from trampolining........for now!

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