Monday, 19 January 2015

For the love of Bread....

Well since 2015 DS has just seemed to mature and go from a little boy to a young man practically overnight!

His behaviour seems to have matured and getting him out of bed in the morning is like trying to coax a teenager out! Seriously though, its been breathtaking to see him like this :)

We love weekends, Saturdays is my fave day out of the week because Saturdays are Mummy and DS day! Yaay! :)

Every Saturday, DS and I will huddle up together in my warm huge bed.
I will have a cup of tea, DS will have fresh orange juice.
I will have my laptop and DS will have the ipad and although we are doing our own thing, we are cuddled up happy, content with me kissing his head every 5 minutes!

We will get out of bed probably mid morning then we will do something fun such as go to a play barn or a sensory room or swimming...or if a miserable day and DS doesn't want to go out then we'll play indoors and make dens, play chase, hide 'n' seek......

However this Saturday, I decided to bake some bread :)

I got on with mixing all the ingredients into dough and started to knead.

As I was doing this, I glanced towards the kitchen table and smiled at DS who was sitting eating a snack and watching me knead with interest.

Now DS has never really showed any interest in baking (other than cracking eggs) so I tend to do it when he is at school or busy playing.

DS wandered over to take a closer look at the dough, I asked him to touch it and try kneading it.
He immediately kneaded  and then pushed his half eaten rice cake into the dough! :D

I added a few sunflower seeds but DS was adamant that the whole packet of seeds should go in so they did! (well, who am I to argue with the boss!)

He helped me grease the tin and helped me put the dough into the tin (after he had made holes in it, put it back in the bowl, played with it, stretched it etc....) by this time I was laughing so hard!

He loved playing with it and helping and was so funny that we were both really enjoying it :)

I put the dough to one side and DS asked for a bowl of his own. Intrigued, I handed him one and stood back to watch what he was thinking....

He cracked the rest of the eggs, put all the sugar in as well as the whole block of butter and started to mix (even left the egg shells in there ;) ) by this time I was really laughing and he was laughing because I was! As he was mixing he was saying "put it in and mix" which I was stunned at and more stunned that he knew what to do!

After about a hour of playing, he climbed down from the worktop covered in flour, eggs, sugar and toddled off. The kitchen looked like a food fight had happened but I couldn't stop smiling at how much fun we both had had.
As I started to brush up the seeds and rest of the ingredients from the floor I decided that I am never going to bake again without him.

In theory, my bloomer bread with sunflower seeds should of been a absolute flop but it turned out extremely well and tasted delicious!

Since new year, DS is just 'wowing' us all and he loves Mummy and DS day just as much as me!
Just when I think I couldn't be any prouder of him suddenly I am!

That sensory hour just cost me some eggs, flour and sugar and some time tidying and cleaning up afterwards but it was just so worth it for the enjoyment he got from it.

Can't wait to see what this little Superstar 'wows' us with next.....


  1. i loved this post :) sometimes you just have to say yes! we say no far to often as parents (well i do! am trying not to though) Ive recently made friends with a mum who has a 6 yr old autistic son, (she's in the tribe and I'm going to give her a helping hand tomorrow!) Im gonna tell her about your blog, she might like to follow along :) xx

  2. Totally agree! I've found that I say yes a lot more than no but it does take some practising! lol
    The tribe idea sounds fab! Im gutted that I don't live closer.
    Thanks for the shout for my blog :) xx