Thursday, 12 March 2015

To my Mum....

With it being Mother's Day this week, I really would like to dedicate this post to my Mum and I will explain exactly why.

Coping with a child with a disability or a condition requires support in some form or other and what better support is there than family support?

Now I completely understand that this isn't a option with every family but in my circumstances, my Mum is my main support.

My Mum has always been my number 1 fan. She has encouraged and supported me in everything I have ever done and every decision I have ever made - even if she didn't personally agree with it.
Thinking back now, there must of been times that she was fearful of a decision I had made but she never ever attempted to talk me out of anything. She just made sure I was aware of all the facts and 'maybe's' and then supported 100% with what option I had decided to go with.

She is my mentor and my 'go to' for advice or if I want to hear someone's else opinion on something - I go to her.
She is my best friend <3

As a child, I always thought all Mums were like mine but he wasn't until I got to around 11 years old and I suddenly realised that no, not all Mum's are like mine!

I've never heard my Mum raise her voice, she is a lady, kind and so so so funny! Her quick wit and comedy is one of the many things I love about her! Growing up, I would often have uncontrollable tears rolling down my face and not being able to breathe through laughter from a funny story of hers!
That still happens now!

I can honestly say she makes me laugh in someway every single day! How fab is that?! :)

Mum was with me when I pushed DS into the world - I could never ever imagine her not being with there with her soft calming influence.

As a new Mum, I remember her commenting how exhausted I was so she would often take me and Baby DS back home and send me to bed to  my old bedroom to sleep whilst she cared for baby DS.
Mum would just bring him up to me for feeds and then take him back again when he was full so I could go back off sleep. Dad would bring me a cup of tea up when they heard me stirring so I could relax for even longer!

As you can imagine, DS loves her. When we stay over, DS insists on sleeping in the same bed as her and from the next room, I can hear them giggling and Mum kissing him and her telling him how much she loves him and how proud he makes her.

Mum has dropped everything so she can be there for me and DS and I know she loves spending time with him. She has even attended courses and workshops on autism to gain a better insight on the condition so she can help DS to develop further - very often, she has been the only grandparent on these courses.

She is a very special person in mine and DS lives. Mum gives us her support, her unconditional love, her friendship and her time and energy. She knows how much we value her and she knows how appreciated she is.

Mum keeps me sane, she keeps DS happy and I just wanted to thank her for being the best Mum consistently for the last 36 years! We are both very lucky and bless to have her.

Wishing all Super Mums like mine a lovely and very happy Mother's Day! :)

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