Thursday, 27 August 2015

Autism Mums Night Off....

Last month, myself and a few of my autism Mums went to a charity ball which was the brainchild of a fellow parent carer *excited face*

Everytime me and my ladies got together, we always talked about the ball and what colour we would be wearing so none of us wore the same colour or even worse the same dress!!!!!

Just like most Mums, we dont really have the opportunity to go on many evenings out as it's not as straight forward as organising a babysitter for our children. Our children need specialised sitters with the right knowledge and training and that does not come easily or cheap!

Personally for me, I do more than okay. I have my wonderful wonderful Mum who is amazing with DS. I can leave him with her and go off with an easy mind. There's also DS's Dad, and my partner.

Some of my other Mummy friends aren't as lucky as me :(

Anyway for the night of the ball, all children were in safe hands whilst we met up and trotted off to the ball.

It was lovely to get all glammed up, drink champagne and have an enjoyable evening in the late Summer sun :)

All we did was laugh, laugh, laugh and dance which is just so awesome for the soul! :)

We made a bit of a vow that we would get together and do more stuff like this much more often which we have done already!

I'll leave you with the pics of the night which show just what an amazing time we all had.......


  1. Omg it was the best night ever we all really deserved it and had such a laugh x