Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Easter Garden Party...

Well I don't know about you but this Winter coupled with the wet and miserable weather certainly seems to be dragging on for me.

I long for warmer and dry days where I can potter around in the garden and even having my morning cup of tea sitting out there in my favourite spot overlooking the acres and acres of fields.

Now we are in March, the promise of Springtime is just about flickering through and letting us know it isn't too far away :)

As we are coming up to Easter, which is one of my favourite times of the year by the way, that's usually the time DS starts playing out in the garden again.

As I have mentioned before, DS is definitely an outdoor boy so he is eager for Springtime to hurry up too :)

Thinking about garden toys for DS, I have been looking online at the Debenhams site and have listed a few of his favourite outdoor garden toys for his own little Easter party celebration :)

Here they are....

1. Despicable Me Minion Made Scooter.

DS has been working really hard on his balancing skills and has mastered the balance and co-ordination of riding around on a scooter so I know he would love this!
We have a very slight slope in our garden which DS has quickly identified as his scooter flight-path and seriously, who DOESN'T love Minions?! ;)

2. Intex 10" x 30" Easy Set Pool.

This looks awesome! DS would be amazed to see something like this in our garden as he has always been a water baby! I often say that I think he is half boy and half fish and need to check him for gills as he can swim under water for longer than I am comfortable with! 
Whilst on holiday in Northern Spain two years ago, he self-taught himself to swim under water and I was forever scooping him back up to the surface as I felt he had been under too long (apparently, I was told that I was being too over-protective and cautious!) but seriously this pool would be a major hit with the Superstar! :)

3. Plum 5 Rung Rope Ladder.

I seriously got very excited when I spotted this! DS is very much a climber. He can pretty much climb up a straight wall and is always looking for opportunities to climb  - though not always safely :(
This would be ideal to satisfy that little Spiderman need of his but in a safe way. 
This is definitely going on our Easter wish list :)

4. Plum Bush Baby Wooden Garden Swing Set.

This swing set would give DS that vestibular buzz that he craves. The back and to motion would calm any anxieties whilst giving him some enjoyable feedback. 
I like how strong and sturdy it looks which would be perfect pitched in our garden :)

5. Re:Creation Fuze Bike Bubbler.

DS loves bubbles! He loves imitating the 'pop' sound and likes blowing them in different directions.
This is no ordinary bubble machine but is actually a bubble machine that attaches to the child's bike leaving a trail of pretty bubbles whilst they zoom off.
DS has come on leaps and bounds learning to ride his special needs trike and this would be added bonus to his trike.
I can see it being a great motivator for him to pedal faster in order to see the trail of bubbles he leaves behind :D
A great toy invention! :)

So there's our Easter Garden Party wishlist, now we just need some sunshine to complete our party :)

This is my entry into Debenhams Children's Easter Toys Blogger Competition :)

Love Amanda xx

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