Thursday, 24 November 2016

It's beginning to smell alot like Christmas...

Christmas preparations are well underway here.

DS and I have been very busy bees in the kitchen indeed.

I have made our Christmas cake, Christmas pudding a batch of mince pies.

For those who are not familiar with 'Stir-up Sunday' this is a Victorian tradition when British families would get together after church to make their Christmas pudding giving it plenty of time to mature for Christmas Day.

I absolutely love this little tradition so a while back, I myself adopted it :)

So on Stir-up Sunday, DS and I got to work on making our Christmas pudding.

It is said that if you make a wish as you stir the fruit in the bowl then the wish will come true! (Stir East to West to remember the Wise Men that visited Jesus)

We all made our Christmas wish before the pudding went into basin for it's 6 hours of steaming.

This got me thinking about other Christmas traditions that I have adopted.

One that springs to mind is Christmas Eve boxes.

For years now, on Christmas Eve evening, I have presented each family family with a Christmas Eve box. Inside is usually something like new Christmassy py-jamas, Christmas socks, favourite drink (wether thats a miniture bottle of wine or a vintage case of Coca-Cola) some fiddly toys and chocolate coins.

The Christmas Eve boxes in time have become more exciting that the presents on Christmas Day! :)

I love doing this as I usually pop one of DS's Christmas presents in too which means less to overwhelm him on Christmas Day. I like to keep Christmas low key-ish for him so its easier to cope with and I think I've got it just about right now.

The tradition of opening presents on the evening of Christmas Eve comes from countries such as Austria, Denmark, Germany, Iceland and Norway to name just a few which is where I probably adopted this tradition from.
There's just something so magical about Christmas Eve I think :)

The only thing I need to make is some Mulled Wine which I absolutely love!
The house smells very Christmassy right now and with my Christmas play-list playing in the background, I am feeling very excited! :)
We just need some snow to finish it off nicely! :)

Must dash...

Love Amanda xxx

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