Saturday, 6 May 2017

Dining from the Garden...

We are loving the Sunny weather here in our little corner of the world right now :)

DS is particularly loving it as it means lots of playtime in the garden which as the outdoor boy he is, then this is great! ;)

Another thing about the warmer weather arriving is my need to pretty the garden up a bit with some lovely bright and colourful pretty flowers.

I love adding a pop of colour to the garden with flowers and plants.

As DS likes to eat petals and leaves then I have to be extra cautious at the type of plants I buy.

Earlier this week, I popped down to my local garden centre and explained the situation to a experienced member of staff.
We spoke at length and she gave me some great ideas as well as what to avoid.

A few days later after doing lots of research of edible plants of flowers and of course the non-edible ones, I went back to the garden centre with my list of safe edible plants and flowers to buy.

I bought a nice selection and also decided on a little selection of herbs for him to munch on too.

I got them all home and popped them in the garden......typically he has not touched any of them! :D

It's still a Win Win situation though as I have safe plants for DS if he does choose to have a little taster session with them as well as some pretty flowers for the garden.

Hope you are enjoying the sunny days too :)

Love Amanda xx

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