Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Does it poo...?

DS is going through a 'what poos and what doesn't poo' phase

Yeah I know :D

Over the last three to four weeks, our conversations have gone like this.....

DS: Fire alarm

Me: Fire alarm?

DS: Fire alarm poo?

Me: Noo, fire alarms do not poo

DS: Freddy the dog poo?

Me: Yes, Freddy the dog does poo

DS: Dr Keily poo?

Me: Yes, Dr Keily does poo

DS: Washing machine poo?

Me: No, washing machines do not poo.

DS: *Chuckles away*

It goes on and on and on and on........

He goes through all family members including cats, dogs, rabbits then he goes through everyone he knows in school including staff and children.....every doctor and dentist he's ever encountered and every fire alarm, washing machine and hand dryer he's ever seen.......

"Pub hand dryer poo"?

"No, hand dryers do not poo"

*more chuckles*

It's pretty funny really even though he does ask the same questions over and over again and I answer them like it's the first time hes asked me :)

We saw a new doctor at the hospital last week. As soon as we left her consulting room and I was clicking his seat belt in the car, he asked me if she pooed! :D
That was the start of the millions questions down the M62 of who/what pooed and who didn't! :)

I think I know where this poo obsession has come from.
DS has recently independently conquered an area of toileting that I suspected was a few years away yet, but as a boy full of pleasant surprises, he has only gone and blown me away yet again!

He now takes himself off to the toilet without needing any assistance at all - a big WOW! :)

I was going to go into a bit more detail about that but I have a gorgeous boy here asking me if Father Christmas poos?! ..........

Better dash as I have a feeling that I'm about to answer ALOT of questions on this.....again! ;)

Speak soon,

Love Amanda xx

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