Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Ready to Paaarrty! Thanks but no thanks....

Recently it was my birthday.

My boyfriend asked me what would I like to do to celebrate it - have a night out on the tiles maybe? Go out for a meal then onto a bar or something? 
The thought was nice but I didn't want to do any of these things. The reason I didn't want to do any of them because they all required.......erm...well effort...as well as the ability to be able to keep my eyes open past 9pm!

Now pre-DS well that would have been a different matter!
 Before my boyfriend would have finished one of them sentences I would have already mentally pinpointed a shopping day to buy a new dress and shoes for it and maybe some jewellery....and oh a clutch if I spotted a particularly gorgeous one......

Now, with constantly chasing DS around, trying to get him to put some pants on or stopping him urinating in something that isn't the toilet! the only thing I wanted to do was chill, relax have some quiet time and sleep.

So we booked ourselves for a spa treatment into a gorgeous hotel for the night......it was heavenly!
Here I am soaking away in complete silence with a brew! It doesn't get any better than this folks! :)

The treatments I had were so relaxing but honestly just a bath alone is a deluxe spa treatment for me!

It certainly did re-charge the ol' batteries and although I do feel a tinge guilty for being away from DS for the night it certainly gave me more energy to chase.. er I mean care for him when I went home the next day.

So it's decided, I'm going to try and do this sort of thing a bit more often - it's worth it alone for the fact that it allows me to finish a cup of tea whilst it's still warm.......:)

So a big thank you to my boyfriend for spoiling me.


  1. Good for you and Happy Birthday. I had a trip out with a friend yesterday whilst my OH looked after our little boy who has autism and it was a nice break to be just me for a few hours x

    1. Thank you! Yes it does us good!

      I'm glad you enjoyed your break, we're just not too good at making them happen more often ;) x