Thursday, 27 March 2014

Bring Josh Home....

I don't normally post anything about other families living with autism, I solely blog about my own and DS's but reading this story I just had to make a exception.

Josh is 13 year old with severe autism, he has to fight against the urge to self-injure himself. Quite often the injuries are potentially life threatening.

Josh was transferred to a assessment and treatment unit in Birmingham for a period of 6 months (his family live 260 miles away in Cornwall) nearly two years later Josh is still in the unit.

Josh's family are fighting to get the right care and support for him nearer to home but as us parents of autism know all too well, fighting the system and fighting for services for our children is a very hard and drawn out slog!

Dad Phill has set up a petition for support and services to be put in place not only for Josh but for other children too and so they bring him home.

Please read his story and watch the video of the gorgeous Josh

This story is heartbreaking, I cried my eyes out when I read it as this could be anyone of us and any one of our special children.

No child should *unnecessarily be away from home and their family and no child should be without a hug and cuddle when they need it.

Please sign this petition and together lets help this family get their beautiful boy back.

*(please note that I am in no way saying that children/adults with ASD should be not live away from home, I'm am saying unnecessarily as I acknowledge there are plenty of reasons why children/young adults are unable to live with their family and for a variety of practical, health and safety reasons. The point I am making that in this particular case, it is unneccessarily, I am not generalising  all autism scenarios - just to be clear)

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