Saturday, 15 March 2014

Can we fix it?.....Er no love, not a chance....

"They don't make them like they use to" is a phrase I often hear from some of my (older!) family members.

Maybe they have a point!

I have literally lost count of things/stuff/furniture that DS has broken over the years.
When I say broken, I mean several things here such as yes broken during horrific meltdowns so by stuff being thrashed about against walls, floors, my head.....

Some stuff has been broken when he has just got a bit frustrated because a toy hasn't done something he expected it to do or it hasn't played a tune he likes quick enough!
Some stuff has broken because DS was happily playing, maybe a little too rough....or maybe its broken because its not a toy and DS was using it in a way that it shouldn't be supposed to be used such as crawling along a shelf!!

As you can imagine at nearly 7 years old his weight was a bit much for this poor shelf with DS ending up in the sink! (Please note the red splatters in the pic is not blood!!)

Lesson learnt here: Remove all shelving from house to avoid future climbing and crawling expeditions!

This one happened today!...

Just a innocent game of hide and seek resulting in this wardrobe being trashed! I wasn't actually in the room when this happened as I was the one 'seeking' DS so can't say for sure how the door came to be in three pieces and lying on the floor with DS sitting inside.....(but DS assures me with a look of pure innocence that it did just literally fall off!)

Lesson learnt here: Wardrobes are rubbish places to hide if the doors are going to 'fall off' resulting in the 'hiding' person being exposed and losing the game! Wardbrobe manufacturers needs to take these games into consideration when designing and building their furniture.....;)

And lastly, flooding the bathroom seems to be our daily fun...

Bath water (and the bubbles) are thrown out of the bath onto the floor with the water seeping through the ceiling to the floor below! DS seems to get some fantastic (but very un-fantastic for me and poor overworked mop!) sensory feedback from this.
This is a hard one as I can't seem to get round this one. As its sensory related and with DS being a very sensory boy its certainly a toughy!

Lesson learnt here: Haven't a clue....erm.....move into a bungalow....?

Who else has had to 'autism proof' their home? As DS is getting older and taller I'm finding that I am having to up the 'proofing' around the place.....I can another five years, we will be living in just a shell of a house!............. ;)

Have a good weekend x

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