Friday, 11 July 2014

The Big Move....

In one of my last posts remember when I joked how we needed a bungalow with a wet room as DS floods the bathroom and water seeps through the floor?
Well we have now moved into said bungalow.
The bungalow is new and very very fit for purpose.
We have moved from a busy housing estate in a town to a bungalow on the quiet outskirts of a village which is absolutely ideal for DS's noise sensitivity issues.

DS seems to be the only child around so there is no shouting or crying from other children for him to hear.
At the back of us are acres and acres of fields growing golden wheat that I often sit and stare at with a glass of wine...;)

Managing DS on one level is much much easier than trying to manage him on three levels! Before I was forever running up and down stairs towards the crash or smash I had just heard and whilst DS attempts to flood the wetroom (he loves tipping water out and watching it splash on the floor!) I can sit back relaxed knowing that his sensory need to chuck water about the place isn't going to blow the electrics!

The delicate matter of the move in regards to DS was a operation that I thought alot about.
A house move is a big deal to anyone but to DS a house move = big change and that had to be thought through carefully for him.
I thought about a few approaches to it but for DS i decided on the softly, softly approach :)

As the house was on its last stages of being completed, I took DS to it. For the first couple of times, he was happy just to sit on part of the plot and play with the soil and sand. That was fine, I was happy to go at his pace.
Once he went inside the house, he ran around the place in a whizz! All excited and energetic. It was at this point that I told him that it was going to be our new house and that we we're going to live in it one day.
I took him round each room telling him what each one was.

Once it was sort of ready, I took DS for the odd night there. We would only stay one night at a time, leave it maybe  4/5 nights then have another night there. He was great with this and if I'm honest, I probably could of gone at a bit of a faster pace than this for him but I didn't want to mis-judge and mess it up.

The next step was to actually move in! It went very well, DS has been settling in very well.
I'm still getting to know the area and am chuffed to bits when I discover a little short cut somewhere ;)
It's only been a few weeks so its still a novelty to him right now but I know he will be fine, he has surprised me at how well he has tolerated a huge change like this.......

Damn proud Mum right here.....

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