Saturday, 9 August 2014

Busy Busy Bees....

For the first time ever I feel that the first few weeks of the school holidays are whizzing by!
But then again, we've been extra super dupa busy...

I've just completed a 'Managing Behaviour' course that was covered over several weeks, part way through I realised that it was going to run into the school holidays #eeeek! which would have been a near impossibility!

There would be no way that DS would happily entertain himself whilst I knuckled down to it - oh no wayo!
So I called the tutor explaining this and asked if we could squeeze the rest of the modules into what we had left of term. It was tight but we managed it (just!) completing on the very last day that DS was at school before breaking for the holidays - phew!

Not to mention, starting a two week AIT (Auditory Integration Training) on the following Monday delivered by the lovely Tracy Alderman (please see my previous post about this)
I won't lie to you my friends, I find AIT exhausting! The hour drive there, the hour treatment itself then the hour drive back on repeat for ten whole days but it is so worth it! I simply wouldn't do it if I didn't think it was.
We completed the ten days yesterday - DS did brilliant and looked forward to going most days :)

#I got funding for AIT - please contact me for more info on this.

Another mad panic I had was employing a suitable carer for DS to help out during the holidays to give me some respite......knowing that this holiday was fast approaching, time wasn't on my side.
I was just about to advertise for this position when a small miracle happened! :)

Someone I know stepped forward and saved the day #as well as my sanity.....well what's left of it anyway
For me, any carer for DS must have experience of working with low functioning autism in a professional capacity, be on the same page as me, trustworthy, reliable and of course DS must like them which I can pick this up from his behaviour etc.
I'm not saying that's what all carers need to have, this is just my criteria and is personal to mine and DS's needs #just to be clear :)
DS's carer certainly ticks all the above boxes and with him preferring males this was a bonus!

I discovered DS preference to males a few years back when he went from a female teacher to a male teacher, the difference in how he interacted with the teacher was very noticeable! That much so that everyone commented on it. Ever since I've looked out for it with him and it's a definite, he prefers fellow males :) I've often wondered why this is but haven't so far found a definite answer.

I'm looking forward to the next few weeks going at a slower pace and no doubt DS will be happy about that too.

Hope your holidays are going okay too :)

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