Wednesday, 17 June 2015

When Someone 'WOW's you out of the blue....

This week, my Mum and I made a little girly date with each other.
Girly dates usually involve some sort of shopping, a nice meal and a glass of wine :)

As I live only a 20 minute train ride from Liverpool and as well as it being the city my folks are from, this is often where we end up!

When I'm out and about, I tend to bring DS  a little something back. It's so funny watching him poke his head into any shopping bags I have as soon as I walk through the door looking for his little 'treat'.

As DS is a very sensory boy who loves to smell things - the stronger the smell the better!
I decided to pop into Lush on Whitechapel in the city centre for the most smelliest bath bomb I could find!

Now before I proceed, I just want to make it crystal clear that this is not a review post of any sort.
I have not been approached to do a product review or have i accepted any payment for this.
This is a genuine honest post all in my words and views about something that I am genuinely thrilled about! :)

So whilst I was in the store concentrating on smelling the most smelly product that they make with all my senses going to my nose, I nearly didn't notice the young smiley assistant approach me!

Apparently, my Mum had been gabbing the leg off her all about DS.(she does this often!)
What he likes, dislikes etc so she had come to find me.

Caitlin explained that her sister was also autistic and as we spoke I started to recognise subtle clues that she was an autism sibling which made me smile.

It never fails to warm my heart how every autism sibling I have met up to now really do have something very special about them.

They ooze warmth, understanding, empathy and lots and lots of patience with a beautiful caring nature within them!

Talking away to Caitlin, it became clear that she also possessed all of these lovely qualities too!

She talked about her sister and what she liked as well as asking about DS but without being instrusive. It was clear that she was trying to gauge what sort of sensory stuff he liked so she could help us as much as she could.

Caitlin took me to a product for children. It was like playdoh but for the bath.
She explained that it was a shampoo, bodywash as well as just something to play with.

There were lots of different colours as well as different ingredients, I opted for the blue one because it was the strongest smell which was  Moroccan Chamomile Oil.
They are £5 each which I think is good value considering the good size they are :)

Caitlin explained that I wouldn't be charged today as it would be a gift as a gesture of goodwill to DS! That certainly has never happened before!

I left the shop feeling completely 'wowed' by Caitlin. Her understanding of autism was refreshing compared to me usually explaining sensory needs to blank faces and glazed over eyes! :(

I left the shop lifted and smiling from Caitlin and curious to know a little more about her sister and her experience growing up as a sibling to her...

Walking through my front door later on that day, I told DS that I had a surprise for him.
He excitedly jumped up and down whilst he unwrapped the gift.
He loved it! :)

It never really made it to the bath as he played with it at the kitchen table, modelling it, then smelling it then modelling it again - it kept him occupied for hours!

It's definitely a must buy for us now and with me being so blown away about it, I just had to share it with you guys! :) as well as talking to someone with a deep understanding of autism, well that doesn't happen as often as it should...(I'm sure you will agree!)

So a big thank you to the lovely Caitlin  - if you are reading this then I apologise if I have spelt your name wrong! xx

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