Sunday, 19 July 2015

Our Summer Bucket List....

I can't believe how fast the school summer break has come round again!
I remember sitting down last year, armed with a mug of tea as I started to write my thoughts of the pending 'monster' break.

I wouldn't say that I am a particularly emotional person but I have to confess that I find myself getting a tad watery eyed at the end of every year.

I think it.s because the end of the school year is just another reminder how my boy is growing fast! Too fast!

Also, he is always nicely settled into his class with staff and children before being thrown another spanner by being uprooted to another class, new staff, new children = too much change = too much stress!

I know, I know, I can't stop this from actually happening but what I can do (and have done) is to liaise with school for us to work together to make this difficult transition for him as easy as we can.

School have been fab with this! :)

They've listened to my concerns and fully co-operated with my requests, so I now have in my possession actual photographs of each staff member in the class he is going to as well as the classroom itself.
I am really hoping that this will make a difference to the little guy and make him a little happier when he starts back at school.

I will be talking to him about this and showing him the photographs about a week before school re-starts but for now that is going to be shelved into a corner of my mind along with new uniform, school shoes and the school run.....

Right now, it's holiday time so I've come up with a Summer holiday bucket list.
I hope to do as many of these as we can depending on his mood, what sort of day he is having and the good ol' British weather!

Here is our list:

1) Head to the beach whenever Mr. Sun comes out to play! :) Take our fishing nets, bucket and spades and packed lunch

2) Find a pretty and safe wild swimming spot and go for a dip! Check them out at:

3) Eat chips on the seafront with a bottle of retro style Coca-Cola

4) Camp in the garden. We do this a lot in Summer. Pitch the tent in the garden and even cook our tea on the camping stove. The rules are to only enter the house to use the loo!

5) Agree to a second night of camping in the garden!

6) Practise our bike riding skills as much as we fancy on the front of our house :)

7) Try and convince DS that NO, we cannot live in the tent forever!

8) Explore rock pools for sealife and cool treasures

9) Still trying to convince him that sometimes sleeping in REAL beds in a HOUSE is much better!

10) Play chase and tick

11)Make biscuits and decorate them - DS loves the sensory feedback of flour :)

12) Manage to get him to sleep in the house for one night on the condition that the tent stays up and we sleep back in it the night after!

13) Invite a friend over to play and create a picnic in the garden.

14) Make a den on a rainy day and watch DVDs from it with cool treats and drinks

15) Fill the paddling pool up and pop in a sachet of 'Gelli Baff' which will turn the water into a blue lagoon or red, green depending on which colour you go for.
We love this and use them in the bath for a great sensory play experience.

16) Invite DS's favourite family and friends round for tea/BBQ

17) Visit the Zoo.

18) Visit the Safari Park - the monkeys are our favourite animal :)

19) Have a fab time on holiday!

20) Swim in the local pool.

21) Make daisy chains

22) Make some play-dough and use different food colouring for different colours

23) Do some pavement chalking - I have some cool chunky chalks that I got from a charity shop that's perfect for this.

24) PARENTS ONLY - Try to stay mentally sane and hide in bathroom when need a quiet cup of tea or a glass of wine! :) :)

25) When things go wrong or not to plan, try not to get too hung up about it. I learn from it and try to move on with the attitude that tomorrow is a whole brand new day! I expect some ups and downs

Hope you all have a good holiday and it's as stress/meltdown free for our stars as possible!

Signing off for a week or two.........xx


  1. You are a fab mum with great, inexpensive activities ideas. Your little boy is a lucky little fellow.
    I`ve started a cookery page on facebook called In Sarina`s Frugal Kitchen and would love to invite you to have a look. Join us if you like as we try to learn new recipes all the time. Everyone`s contributions are highly valued.

  2. Aww thank you Sarina for your very lovely words.
    I often visit your blog and not only did I buy a tagine from your recommendation but also enjoyed my first meal from it of lamb and apricot.

    Really enjoy your frugal ideas :)