Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Operation & Recovery when you're a Parent....

I am sat here wincing in pain every so often as I write this....

A few days ago, my phone alarm went off and as suspected it was pitch black as I fumbled around for it and turned it off.

I turned to give my boyfriend a quick kiss before getting out of bed and heading to the bathroom.

By the time I came out, he lovingly handed me a mug of tea and a sympathetic smile as today was my dreaded op day.

The hospital I was to be admitted at is a good hour drive from my house so as I had to be there for 7am, after kissing a sleeping DS's head we crept outside, hopped in the car and set off. (My Mum was inside with DS)

I was first on the list for theatre and calmly sunk back into the trolley bed as they wheeled me in, I shared a joke with the anaesthetist before putting me to sleep for my back operation.

Waking up 3 hours later in tremendous pain, I nearly fainted but just about managed to stay with it. The operation went really well and apparently I was a 'strong trouper' throughout! :)

Being away from DS was extremely hard, my boyfriend and Mum were at home caring for him, taking him to school and collecting him everyday.
I had already prepared DS that I would be away for a little while but I was careful not to say where I was going. The reason for this? Well if DS knew I was going to hospital then he would of insisted that he came with me! He would of refused to co-operate with anything else until he was with me!
I just told him who was going to be looking after him and that I would be home shortly and he seemed fine with that :)

I asked my BF to send me a pic of DS and when I saw his beautiful smiley face beaming up at the camera I got a little teary eyed........(actually A LOT teary eyed!) *WUSSY MUM ALERT*!

The next day I was discharged from hospital for good behaviour ;) all drugged  and morphined up so excited to see my boy :)
Saying goodbye to the ladies on my ward and giving each of them a kiss, they all knew about DS and told me to give him a kiss from them and how handsome he was from the zillions of pictures I kept showing them! haha

I arrived home around lunchtime to a beautifully sparkly clean house and the most inviting looking fresh bed (thanks Mum! xx)

As my BF set off to collect DS from school I sat excited at seeing him. He looked concerned at probably my pale complexion and morphine-upped eyes but seemed to be okay about me being home again.

Over the next week, DS has sensed that something isn't quite right with me so has left me alone.
Just a few times I have woken up to him lying on top of me and snuggling into me for the most gorgeous cuddle - the sight of this has made my BF and Mum panic and run towards us to lift him off but I have more than once lied about him not hurting me and to leave him be - cuddles from him is worth tolerating any amount of pain for! ;)

Amazingly DS has been sensitive to me. Every morning, I pretty much get jumped and bounced on to play but he has not done anything like this even once to me since I have been home.
It frustrates me how many people think kids with autism have a low IQ. I promise you that, like my boy, many people are actually very intelligent!
I cannot begin to tell you the amount of times this lad has shocked me when he has effortlessly done something that either I haven't been able to suss out myself or I wouldn't of thought he would be able to understand in a million years!
I have learnt never to under estimate this intelligent child and I would imagine it's the same for most cool dudes with autism :)

Just this evening, I was reaching over into my little vanity case for some facial serum (as I have to lock and hide moisturisers and creams away as he loves squeezing these things into the bath) and for the first time he saw my dressing covering up the row of stitches on the bottom of my back. Without warning he started pulling them off which made me scream! My BF came running in to find DS sat there laughing at the marvellous scream reaction he had just got from me!
He has been in a mischievous mood all day so my BF re-directed him to play with him leaving me to get over my little shock! haha *CUE: MORE THORNTON'S CHOCOLATES FOR SHOCK PLEASE*

My BF and Mum have been amazing! I really don't know where I would be without them and if that's not enough, my BF came home from doing my shopping the other day with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers and a box of my favourite chocolates in the whole wide world!

So with having the best boy in the world as well as the best Mum and the best boyfriend a girl could ask for, I am one very very very lucky girl! :)

I am so sorry for this slushy post - I blame the morphine! Normal blogging will resume shortly! :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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