Monday, 5 October 2015

Another Ball....

Balls are like weddings for me. I go an age not going to one then all of a sudden I am invited to three all within the same Summer!

So yes this last weekend, I trotted (well slight limp as still recovering from op) to another charity ball.

I brought along the boyf to this one as a thank you for his endless bucket load of support, hugs and love whilst I've been healing *mwah*!

So with my hair loosely and a bit messily curled (I don't like pristine 'in place' hair, I like mine to be a bit boho wild with a tad messy) and make-up on, I was ready! :)

The ball was held in the most gorgeous country house not too far from me. The theme was masquerade so I sported a very thin metal mask with blue diamante to tie in with my blue dress.
The boyf wore a silver fab male mask...
The venue was beautiful with free flowing champagne and wine which I was happy to oblige ;)

As always it was awesome spending the evening with my special needs Mummy friends
I was still quite poorly and if I am honest, I wasn't quite up to the night as I was still weak so I kept having to sneak off to lie down. The boyf stayed and was looked after by these wonderful ladies! :)

The food was delicious! I missed the starter (as I was having one of my lie downs) made it back for the main and missed the dessert!

The boyf kept assuring me that if I wanted to go home just say, but I was trying my little hardest to make it through the night as long as I could. I thought I did pretty well as we left with everyone else though as soon as we got into the car to drive home I conked out with exhaustion!

A great night with lots and lots of money raised for the fabulous charity! :) I just wished that I was feeling more myself for it :/

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