Friday, 30 October 2015

Ombre to Bronde....

I hope you folks don't mind me interrupting this month's Halloween themed blog with a hair spam post?

I have had ombre hair for most of the year now as I looooovvvved it that much! I first had it done waaaay back in February and just kept having it touched up :)

I am naturally a brunette, medium brown I would say, but if I need to be reminded on exactly what shade I naturally am, I tend just to discreetly eyeball my brother's hair colour as I'm about the same as him :) (before him, I used to eye up my Dad's before he started going grey that is! ;))

So as much as I have loved my ombre look, I felt that it was time for something a little different.
So with much thought and flicking through hair websites, I decided to go BRONDE.

For those who are not in the know, bronde is brown with hints or flashes of a little blonde here and there hence its name :)

As I am brown anyway, I wanted to be near my natural shade of brown with just a few hints of blonde here and there to make it more 'interesting'

Here is the result....

As you can see the blonde has gone from the ends leaving a nice soft look :)

I have just lifted up the top section of my hair to show you the blonde underneath, this is where I have most of the blonde - even when it's tied up it still looks cool.

I am really happy with it so will probably stick with it for a bit until I feel another 'change' coming on! haha

It's funny as when I was sat in the salon with hair dye on, foils sticking out the side of my head and my wet hair piled on top of my head I was thinking how just a few years ago, I was a regular visitor in the salon with 6 weekly cuts, colours and even popping in for a good quality conditioning treatment or a professional blow dry.

Oh my how things have changed! Since becoming a Mum, well, other things take priority don't they?
Some (most) days, it's a challenge to even finish a cup of tea as there are just not enough hours in the day to squeeze everything in.
DS is booked into the salon every 6 weeks for a haircut without fail :D his hair grows that fast that he always desperately needs it when it comes round, I am just not that good with booking myself in.

I have to admit though, I am doing better, with (me) having quite long hair, I am often seen inspecting the ends which I use as my guide to whether I need a trim or not. I probably have my ends whipped off about every 2 months to keep my hair healthy and neat.

Another point I should make, is that it doesn't have to cost a fortune to keep our crowning glory looking good :) For yonks now, I have been going to my local hairdressing college salon and I can honestly pinky promise say that I have never left there disappointed :)

The cheapskate in me doesn't want to pay £80-£100 for hair appointments anymore. I like value for money. If I am going to hand over my dosh then I want see my money's worth for it and the college salon certainly delivers that and much more!

I pay a fraction of the cost, the students are all lovely young ladies (I haven't come across a male yet) and eager to please you as well as them being closely monitored by their lovely and professional tutors - what could possibly go wrong?
Okay, so you could possibly  have an extra half an inch snipped or your hair coloured a shade lighter or darker than what you imagined, but really, is that really that bad?? No of course it isn't!. Like I said, no hiccups have ever happened to me nor have I ever witnessed any whilst I've been there.

Above all that, you are giving a potential next budding Nicky Clarke valuable experience of cutting and colouring your locks! :)

I cannot recommend this option enough and I will continue my regular visits for a long time to come :)

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