Saturday, 2 April 2016

What we've been up to...

Apologies for the radio silence but as usual, there's been lots going on and lots to do.

At the end of March, the boyf and I celebrated 5 years of 'courtship' (as my Mum would say) so we celebrated by going out for a romantic dinner and then a bit of a night out afterwards!

The boyf is such a good egg, He puts up with my crazy fast paced life as well as being absolutely brilliant with DS.
He has stuck by me through the most challenging periods of having a child with low functioning autism and I often wonder how he did!

It could only be love.

So for our anniversary, I wore a blue Laura Ashley dress that I picked up from my local Age UK shop for £1 and a pair of brown ankle Next boots that I got brand new from another charity shop.
This girl so loves a bargain! :)
We had the most lovely evening in each other's company which is something I wish we could do a bit more of.

This morning, we took our boys to our wedding venue and they had a blast running around and exploring the hall. :) #soexciting!

Tomorrow night, I have my bridesmaids coming over to try on their dresses for the very first time! I cannot wait! :)

We are now in the Easter holidays :) We kick started them by taking the boys to a local beauty spot to ride their bikes. DS did awesome with his 'off road' pedalling :) I was so proud!
We also stopped for a little ride on a minature railway and stepson 'C' also had a donkey ride too :)

DS and I have some cool activities booked over the holiday, I just hope the weather holds up so we can eventually get out and about for some ace forest walks and hopefully a day out at the beach with our little fishing nets.

The lurgi has been and left our house, I was the last one to get it and am just currently on the end of feeling right again so to boost our immune systems, I have made a huge batch of healthy and nutritious vegetable soup.

Operation Spring Clean is still underway, just at a slower pace.
There will be little of it going on over the next two weeks with DS home as trying to clean and tidy with him about is like trying to clean your teeth whilst eating chocolate!

Just a little update on things here, hope you are having a good weekend too :)

Love Amanda xx

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