Saturday, 16 April 2016

Baking with Autistic Children...

The title of this post is a tad misleading as it should say "Baking with MY autistic child"

This topic deserves a post all of it's very own, and you'll soon see why! :)

This morning, both DS and I was feeling a bit bummed out.

Our mojo's had upped and left us leaving us lounging across the sofa still in our py-jamas all 'meh'

I could sense that DS was looking for something, it was like he needed something to satisfy his 'itch' for something sensory rewarding to do.

I quickly had a rummage around my brain (or what's left of it!) and came up with baking! Yes we would have a little Saturday morning baking session :)

So I measured flour, salt a pinch of caster sugar and already DS was there! Feeling the soft flour through his fingers.

I asked him to stir and I actually think we both have different ideas on what this actually means! :)

By now, DS was chucking it about the place (his fave thing to do) and even popped some in the toaster for me - nice!

After a while, he seemed to be happy with the level of sensory feedback he had had from this and went skipping off to play in the garden.

Listening to the squeak of his swing as he swung away, I decided to re-measure some fresh ingredients and try again to bake something.

I had actually got to the dough stage when I suddenly realised that I couldn't hear the squeak of the swing anymore and then he was there! :)

He dived right into my dough mixture took it out and started to play and mould it.
I realised at this point, that nothing was going to make the oven today and that was okay :)

What DS was experiencing was far better than anything I would of produced anyway and I can see that he is getting great experiences from handling and playing with this.

The kitchen looked like a flour explosion had just happened, I had dough in my hair, flour all over me and DS had flour all over his py-jamas, but it was great fun! :)

He's the messiest but most definitely the best and the most eager kitchen assistant I could ever have! ;)

Have a great weekend! :)

Love, Amanda xx


  1. Amanda your just an amazing mummy i love your blogs xxx

  2. Awwww thank you ❤️ You lovely lovely
    Lady xxxxxx