Thursday, 1 September 2016

Summer Holiday Snippets...

Aaarrrgghhh! How on earth are we in September already?!

The school Summer holidays have flown by, which by my reckoning is a good thing as if they had gone slow then that means that we haven't really been enjoying them and having fun.

Don't get me wrong, we have encountered a few sticky spots over the hols but that's always to be expected with DS ;) We just deal with it as and when :)

Though, I'm glad to say that overall, its been a successful holiday break.

I find that in some ways, DS is changing all the time though in other ways he doesn't change at all?
Does that make sense? lol

For example, around 4/5 years old, DS had to be constantly stimulated with lots of adult interaction.
I would cram a day full of play barns, waterparks, parks and games at home....if I took my eye off the back for even a teeny amount of time then he would meltdown unable to cope with the void in his day.

Nowadays, DS actually prefers a chilled out, unplanned day at home doing stuff at is leisure.
He wants very little interaction from me compared to past years though he will request me to play as and when he feels like it.

He will happily come out with me for a day but I've noticed he seems to be the most calm and happiest when he is in his own environment playing with no agenda.

This has been great as with the gorgeous weather we have been having, we have sat in the garden playing in his sandpit, swing, slide, treehouse whilst drinking ice cold drinks watching birds fly.

Next week, he starts back at school and after his 'Back to School' hair cut today, we are all ready.

In a  few days, I will start preparing him for school by talking about what to expect and showing him pictures of his classroom, new teacher and staff.
I find that this helps him in a massive way and eases that anxiety of what is happening and what to expect. He will still struggle with the new term but this definitely does help with that.

After having him home and us enjoying lots of family time together, I will be a bit bummed out to take him to school.
I know that I will be constantly thinking about him wondering of he's okay, is he coping? Is he happy? Is he enjoying what he's doing?
So I don't drive myself absolutely bonkers with my constant fretting, one of my special Mums has suggested that we all meet for breakfast after getting our kids to school on their first day back.

I think it will be a good distraction for us all (especially me!) no doubt that at some point, I would of called school to check he's okay before my mums would of finished their skinny latte!

Here are some our highlights over the Summer......

On holiday....
Admiring beautiful scenery on a steam train...
Exploring in the sea...

Swimming with Daddy pretending to be a shark! (he loves that!) :)

Running with Nanny...

Sunny days on holiday...

Sandcastles at the beach...

Playing football with the team his Dad manages :)

Fun days :)......

Blackberry picking....

Baked Blackberry & Apple Pie using our picked blackberries :)

Just a snippet of what we got up to :) though we will be squeezing the last of Summer fun filled days before the season changes to Autumn.

Speak soon,

Love Amanda xx

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