Tuesday, 2 August 2016

School Holiday Update...

Well in our part of the world, we are now exactly two weeks into the Summer holidays.

We managed to get in a few family fun days before a very inconvenient viral infection came along and ruined our Summer fun filled days :(

We visited a Monkey Forest which was great watching them play and as there were a couple of newborns.
It was so lovely to watch Monkey Mums carrying, rocking and caring for their little ones just like we do :)

We have discovered and played on some really awesome play areas too which DS just loves! :)

We have had a walk around beautiful gardens and lakes. DS is a sucker for a cool water fountain. He loves watching them and dipping his fingers into the fountain  - though on this day he managed to run off and jump in a little shallow fountain, fully clothed! :) :)

We also visited a Special Needs playbarn that isn't too far from us.
It was a drizzly day so we mentally prepared ourselves that it would probably be really busy and noisy. But suprisingly, there was only one other child in there :)
We had a great day both Daddy and I chasing DS through tunnels, over wobbly bridges and down slides that at one point he was laughing so hard, he was struggling to catch his breath! :) :)

That was the last fun day we had as during that very night, DS start to run a very high temperature.
I monitored him throughout the night, kept taking his temperature and trying to cool him down.

Just like any other parent out there, I hate seeing DS poorly but with him being a strong little trooper, within a few days he had fought the bug off and sent it packing! Yaay! :)

He still isn't 100% yet but he is running around and playing again so he's nearly there :)

I very recently posted a thread on Netmums about ideas for sensory play. I thought it would be great for likewise parents and carers to swap ideas for cool sensory play activities.
I'm huge believer in always learning new things  - I really DO NOT believe that you can ever know it all.

Anyway, some great ideas have come from that thread so far such as a bucket of cheap cold baked beans and a bucket of jelly (which DS absolutely loves the feel of)

I chipped in my 'No salt/No sugar play dough' recipe which some parents are going to try with their children and young adults so I look forward to seeing how they get on with that.

As I type, my large bowls of jellies are setting in the fridge.......I get the feeling that today is going to be a messy day! ;)

I hope your Summer holidays are going well :)

Love Amanda xx

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