Thursday, 19 January 2017

Birthday Happiness...

Last week was my birthday.

It wasn't a special birthday like a 30th or 40th but for some reason the celebrations for it went on for a whole week! :)

Let's be clear, I am in no way shape or form complaining about this at all (none whatsoever!) but for someone who has always felt that their birthday falls at just the wrong time of the year......3 weeks to the day after Christmas Day and exactly two weeks after New Year........then I am very chuffed! :)

I know that I have mentioned before how I purposely worked it so that DS was born at a more respectable time of the year. I was aiming for May/June (he was born in May) as I just think the days are lovely around this time and I pictured beautiful sunny garden birthday parties for him/her (didn't know the gender until the birth) which is exactly how we celebrate his birthday :)

My own birthday celebrations kicked off last Friday when I very excitedly discovered that I had won an Afternoon Tea with prosecco.
The restaurant for this was situated right on the River Dee in Chester.

I took my forever supportive lovely Mum, who by the way needed little persuasion for this and we hopped on the train into Chester.
We sat by the window so had a lovely view of the river watching rowers going up and down and couples walking hand in hand fighting against the cold and wind.

It felt lovely and cosy as Mum and I were curled up in big comfy chairs looking out and chatting away :)

Friday evening saw my amazing tribe of fellow special needs Mums brave the bitter cold January wind to come to a country pub for a delicious meal and drinks.

I even got lovely cards and presents and felt very spoilt!
I have made no secret in the past just how utterly fabulous these ladies are!
I think its absolutely amazing how each of us have our own challenges and obstacles with our children yet we still support, soothe, advice and big each other up when one of us is struggling!
No amount of money could buy that. I feel so lucky to know them and will often refer to them as 'my Mums' or 'the Mums' :)

After a much needed lie in on Sunday, I was brought cups of tea in bed - perfect!

We then went out for lunch with DS and my Mum to a local (and autism friendly) pub restaurant that we often take DS to.

The day ended with DS putting my candles into my little birthday cake and helping me blow them out.
So the candles were shoved right into the cake but who really cares? :) Certainly not me!

To complete the celebrations, I went on the most gorgeous spa break!

I love holistic therapy treatments and always float out of the treatment room.
It was a real treat to be pampered - pure bliss! The endless glasses of wine and prosecco certainly enhanced the relaxation experience!
It was pure heaven!

Definitely a birthday to remember :)


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