Monday, 13 March 2017

Peak District & Storm Doris...

Two weeks ago was half term for us and I decided a good while ago that we were going to take off for it.

So I booked a lovely and cosy little cottage tucked away in the hill of the Peak District.

DS loves this cottage for its huge roaring fire though I've got to admit it is a very dreamy fire.

So we loaded the car up with clothes, food, drinks and of course the laptop and iPad and set off for the cottage.

We had a glorious 3 nights stay there. We would potter about during the day and then spend the evening curled up by the fire in our PJs snuggled together - it was so lovely.

Ideally, I really needed another person with me as I felt some of the local days out would be a bit too challenging for me on my own with DS. I really fancied visiting some of the caves but resisted as, thinking about it, that would be what I call a 'two man job' haha
Never the less, we still had a great time and would wander around the village to the local shop and delicious bakeries for homemade yummy treats to take back to the cottage.
We also stumbled across some brilliant children's play areas so spent some time playing on them :)

Making the fire in the evening was something that DS and I became quite skilled at :)

We would build it together. DS would screw up the newspaper and pop it in the grate, along with kindling and coal.
He loves fire which I believe most boys go through a 'fire phase' at some point! (eek!)

Once the fire was expertly built by DS, I would light it.

We made a great team! :) :)

The day we came home was the day Storm Doris was causing havoc!
Driving along the high and very windy Peak District roads was definitely not the smoothest drive I've ever done to say the least but DS sang beautifully all the way home which was lovely and calming for me :)

Understandably, it took us a lot longer to get home but DS coped with the delay brilliantly!

All too often, half term weeks fly by just far too fast.....


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