Sunday, 31 December 2017

Happiness Revolution...

Happy New Year's Eve! :)

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas :)

Our Christmas was perfect. It was quiet, calm and predictable. All vital ingredients for a successful and happy Christmas for DS :)

We all thoroughly enjoyed it, though I am absolutely dreading getting weighed in the new year! (too much Baileys and Prosecco spring to mind) eeek!

This is my second happiness revolution post and I am loving writing them. I think its good to concentrate more on positive happy stuff :)

So here is my little round up of the things that made me happy during we go...

1. We visited the Lantern Parade at Chester Zoo.
I find that there's just something so magical about walking around the zoo after nightfall, carrying colourful lanterns and seeing all the twinkly lights.
This definitely got me into the mood for Christmas.

2. Visiting the Christmas markets.
I always have a little overnight city stay in December which I combine with Christmas shopping and then a relaxing mini break before heading back home the next day.
This year didn't fail and I bought lots of handmade quirky gifts including delicious homemade Elderflower Wine! :)

3. Enjoying a gorgeous Spa day with my special Mums and the yummy afternoon tea for lunch :)

4. Snow!!!!! We got a beautiful blanket of snow and it made everywhere so Christmassy and magical :) :)

6. Walking through the forest all Snowy and Wintery was just amazing! I absolutely loved it! :)

7. Meeting up with my oldest schoolfriends for Secret Santa fun and a long overdue catch up though we are putting that right in 2018! ;)

8. Having an awesome festive Family day out and enjoying a old fashioned carousel :) We did train rides, lunch out and stopped for naughty Mulled Wines  - DS was his usual fantastic self and loved the day! :)

9. Having the best Christmas Day ever with DS.
We've definitely got Christmas pretty much spot on for him now though he does keep changing with his tolerance to things so I try to gauge that and alter stuff where I think it's needed to keep up with him :)

10. Being taken to a lovely old stone house in the countryside by a dear friend to rest after a busy year and Christmas. Delicious home cooked food, steaming hot bubble baths with a couple of glasses of prosecco, roaring fire and not to mention waking up to this pretty Winter view.
It certainly was a great way to end the year :)

There's so much more that I could go on and on as December was truly magical but I'll stop at these 10 :)

So all there is to say is here is to a great 2018......see you then :)

Love Amanda xx

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