Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Happiness Revolution...

I actually cannot believe that I am writing my January's happiness revolution list already!

Historically, the month of January has always been a loooong and dreary month but this year, to my absolute amazement, it has whizzed by!
Not quite sure of the reasons for that ...

I will be writing another post in the next week or so about the changes I have made at home this month and how they have impacted us :)

Okay, so here are the big and little things that have made me happy during January :)

Here we go...

1) Booking our family Summer holiday and cannot wait! :)

2) Going on lots of random train rides with DS :)
DS is loving train rides at the mo' so we crammed in a few train journeys before he went back to school. It didn't really matter where we went just as long as we sat on the train :)

3) Making a healthy and yummy fakeaway every Friday/Saturday night. It's saving money as well as calories and I really enjoy cooking them :)

4) Having planning permission granted on an extension to our house! Yaaaay! :)
The extension is going to a sensory/play room for DS.
It's been an hard and very long slog getting to this point as we hit snags at every turn so for most of the year it was one step forward and two steps back!
So glad that we have reached this point though there are a few things to do before we can start to build yet....

5) January is my birthday month and I was totally and utterly spoiled!!!
I was taken for a gorgeous Spa break for my favourite treatments, prosecco was on tap and I slept under the stars! Magical!

6) The view I woke up to on my Spa break and the 'posh' coffee I was left :)

7) The Peppa Pig birthday cake Daddy & DS bought me and DS blowing out my candles :D

8) Celebrating with my Mum on hitting her 4 stone weight loss!! 4 stone!!
She is an inspiration and has lost the weight so healthy, steadily and stuck at it!
Well done Mum :)

9) Spending chilly but awesome days with DS. We all love family days out together <3

10) The homemade soups and casseroles I am making. My slow cooker is always out at this time of the year and nothing beats walking in from a frosty day out to the smell of a yummy casserole or stew simmering away :)

Can I be naughty and add an 11th one??

11) Really enjoying and absorbing the Mindfulness course that I am currently doing. It is a free 8 week course for parents of children on the spectrum.
I'm finding it so beneficial - it's fab! Just this morning, I found myself practising the breathing techniques as well as a bit of meditation.
Also I'm meeting other 'autism Mums' as an added bonus :)

So that's my happy list :)

Promise to do another post very soon,

Take care & keep warm,

Love Amanda xx

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