Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Happiness Revolution...

So yet again, we're at the end of the month which means my happiness list :)

Just like everyone else no doubt, I am really looking forward to seeing the signs of Spring and the temperature warming up a bit. It won't be long now :)

Okay so here are the big and little things that made me happy and smiley during February :)

Here we go...

1) Reaching my 2 stone award! :) I feel so happy that I have lost 2 whole stones! :)

2) Having a lovely and fantastic girly night out with the best, uplifting and feel good women ever!

3) Celebrating Chinese New Year in China Town in Liverpool with DS. We went to my fave Chinese eatery which he thoroughly enjoyed :) though I suspect the train ride was his highlight of the day :)

4) Having a gorgeous and pampering manicure at my local salon :)

5) Enjoying a relaxing and cosy half term break in Chirk with DS and my family. It was slow paced which was perfect! :)

6) Absolutely loving lounging in front of the open fire in the cottage on our break in the evening. I would have a glass of wine and happily watch the flames flicker all evening - it was bliss!

7) Re-connecting with a special and dear friend who I had lost touch with. It's been lovely to meet up again and catch up. Really lovely :)

8) Dragging my butt to my local community centre to try and get back into some exercise classes. They have been hard but I am really enjoying them plus I'm already feeling great after working up a sweat from them :) Zumba is my absolute fave! :)

9) Baking and cooking. I have been busy baking to use up foods before they go past their best before date. I have had a few sorry looking Plums last week so I made a Plum & Apple Crumble.
I also had some left over Almonds which I chucked in a loaf of bread I was making.
I hate food waste and do feel down if I have to chuck something out that I didn't get to use.
To be fair, chucking food out very rarely happens in my house but this month NOTHING has been wasted as I have been extra clever at using it for something else :)

10) Hanging washing out to dry!! Yes really! This is making me happy! :D
I have been hanging our washing out for the last week and it's been drying!
I am fed up of having clothes airers indoors everywhere and the tumble dryer is soooo expensive to run so this has had me smiling for sure :)

So there it is, my happy list.

Keep warm as we are warned that we are going to have another cold spell towards the end of the week.

Speak soon,

Love Amanda xxx

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