Tuesday, 8 May 2018

I'm back...

So sorry that it's been a while since I updated this blog but life has been mega busy lately......but in a good way :)

I'll try and re-cap some of what's happened since my last update.

First of all, DS is going to be part of an autism study. I am mega excited about this!
The study is going to be conducted by a Cambridge University student.
I accidently stumbled across the information and as I read it I was thinking 'Wow! DS would be perfect for this' so I put us forward for it.
The study is a language and communication focus and I knew he would fit the criteria for it straightaway and he has! :)
I'll update the blog on this as we go along :)

We've had a few mini breaks away which are always fab! :)
I had an adult walking break (without DS as it was term time) in the Peak District. We would walk/hike during the day and would always finish up in our favourite country pub with a roaring fire, delicious food and lovely wine - bliss! :)

Then at Easter, we had a family break in our fave cottage just outside York.
DS absolutely loves this place! The jacuzzi bath is a massive hit with him and he asks for one everyday :)
We visited York's Chocolate Story for the first time and as DS and I are serious chocoholics (it's in the genes!) we were in our own kind of heaven with lots of chocolate munching and chocolate smells everywhere <3

I'm still cooking from scratch and knocking up healthy fakeaways on the weekends :) I haven't had a proper takeaway for yonks now and I don't think it's any coincidence that I have lost another half a stone in just 3 weeks! :) :)

Speaking of cooking......I have been baking my little family fresh homemade bread using my 'new to me' breadmaker.
I have baked my own bread by hand for ages but it is time consuming.
Last week, I spotted that someone was offering their unused breadmaker on my local Freecyle and I jumped at it!
It's brill! I love how I just pop all the ingredients in, switch it on and it does everything! :)

I have also been making my own natural beauty products :)
This week, I whipped up a sugar & thyme bodyscrub and a shower gel using coconut oil and tea tree oil - I think I might be a bit addicted to the smell of this - so divine!

I'm so loving this warm weather this week and hosted my first BBQ of the year which was amazing! DS loved everyone around chatting and eating in our garden and even sat with us to eat :)

This week has been lots of sunny days out in parks on his scooter and then stopping at pretty little cafes for a cool drink and a sit down :)

We have also made a few trips to the local garden centre to buy some pretty plants and flowers.
DS has taken quite an interest in these and will help me water and care for them :) How super is he?! :)

Hoping we will see a bit more of this weather as I'm quite enjoying this view :)

Speak soon,

Love Amanda xxx

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