Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Burnt Out Mum Break...

As I type this we are just over halfway in the school Summer holidays and already I am burnt out.

This is partly due to the fact that I am pregnant! (sooo happy and excited!!) and partly due to the fact that DS's behaviour has become more challenging these last few months.

I have no idea why DS's behaviour has changed practically overnight. My thoughts are things like puberty (as he is now in the puberty window!) and hormones are flinging themselves around his gorgeous little body and he doesn't know what it is happening to him or maybe he's not happy that I am lacking in energy and am unable to do as many things with him as I used to before I became pregnant.
The truth is I'm not entirely sure but I have a few thoughts on it.

We are trying to work on this with as much energy as I can muster up.

I have the classic 'Mum Guilt' that we haven't done or been as many places this Summer as we usually would have done. 
I am still suffering from morning sickness and fatigue even though I am well past the point that sickness should have subsided by now.
My pregnancy is very similar to that of DS's but just that bit harder this time. 
I'm not sure if that's down to this time I have another child to care for compared to just having to look after myself when I was pregnant with DS or it's because I'm that little bit older this time.
Either way, this is my last baby for sure! :D 

We are really excited about having a baby :) 
I am in the process of looking for relevant books to help prepare DS for baby's arrival.

As I am having a bit of a sicky and tough pregnancy as well as caring for DS, the boyf decided that I was overdue a bit of a 'burnt out Mum' break as he called it.

We arranged care for DS, then drove to one of my fave nearby pretty historic towns. 
We wandered around artisan stalls, shops, drank coffee, ate bacon butties and cake, people watched and simply enjoyed each others company without any sort of agenda - it was bliss!

From there, we went to a our beautiful hotel to check in. 
I love buildings and places full of history and the boyf certainly did good here!
The hotel was a beautiful hall with the most amazing staircase that we climbed up to our room.
The boyf then surprised me with some gorgeous smelling Lush bath bombs as he knows I love relaxing soaks.

From there, we went to one of my favourite restaurants for dinner. 
We I talked about loads of stuff  and laughed until we we're stuffed from all the yummy food! :)

From there, we headed back to the hotel to climb wearily into the huge bed.

The next morning, I ran a bath with one of my bath bombs, closed my eyes and just rested in the bathtub. Baby decided to have a good wriggle at this point which always makes me smile. Everytime, I feel him/her moving around, I can't help think what a miracle life is and I feel very very lucky to be carrying and growing this little life inside me even though I am a bit impatient to meet him/her! :D 

After breakfast, we drove home all rested and relaxed :) 
Of course, I had missed DS and couldn't wait to see him.

The boyf and I have decided to make this more of a habit especially before the baby arrives so we have already booked our next one! :) 

Hope you are having a lovely Summer and if you can, you too can get yourself on a 'burnt out Mum/Dad/Grandparent/Carer break' 
I highly recommend them ;) 

Love Amanda xxx

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