Monday, 21 December 2015

Sealed Pot Challenge...

Back in 2004, I bought a house and became a new bride all in the same year.

It was the first time that I had ever moved away from the safety (and comfort!) of my parent's house.

It was a total wake-up call to how many bills we had to pay so that year I started a sealed pot.

The pot sat on top of the fridge and pretty much everyday or whenever my then husband and I would come in and chuck our loose change in the pot.

The pot was concealed so we never knew what was in there and we agreed not to open it until December as it would go towards yummy Christmas food and drink.

The pot was a huge success and I remember the night we cracked it open completely aghast to how much was in there!

Since that year, I have done a sealed pot every year :)

It is very much a tradition to me now and even with DS coming along, I now pass him my change for him to slot the coins into the pot.

I get him to count each one going in too :) You could also incorporate some money skills education with your children (where applicable of course) when doing this and I think it sets a good example to children about saving and squirrelling money away rather than our today's 'get it on credit' society :/

This year I cracked open the pot using a can open and a pair of pliers!
To be honest, I wasn't expecting much in it as this year my new year resolution was to reduce my carbon footprint so I have been catching the bus into town much more instead of hopping into my car. That just means the change I would have normally put in the pot, I have been holding onto for bus fares as I hate giving bus drivers notes and taking all their change :(
So anyway, I tipped out the change....

Just under £40 which isn't too bad, definitely more than I had estimated though I know we can do much better than that for next year :)

Who else has done the sealed pot challenge and what do you spend it on?

Wishing you all a lovely Christmas for you and your families and I hope the Christmas break goes as smoothly as possible :)

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