Thursday, 31 December 2015

Come on in, 2016...

Well it's New Year's Eve and in true NYE style, I am pondering at what my new year resolution will be.

I think it's fair to say that as a Mum of special needs, my aims and goals can be somewhat different to other Mums.

Looking back at last year's resolutions, for probably the first time ever, I can say that I achieved them! (a massive first!)

They were:
1) To reduce my carbon footprint: As often as I can, catch the bus into town rather than hop into my car.
I did this regularly throughout the year and what made it easier was that there was a lot of building work going on in town so car parks were being dug up and closed left right and centre. It got to the point where it became a major headache to park anywhere so popping my little self on the bus was stress free and much, much easier! :) *

2) To recover from my op and regain previous fitness levels: I thought my op would be at the beginning of the year, around February but I didn't actually have it until the September.
Through all the medication I was taking, I seem to have lost control of my body somewhere and exercising like I used to was just not possible.
I've recovered well but am still working on those fitness levels but am slowly getting there :)

So this year, my resolutions are a little different.
I am constantly busy and have my fingers in many pies (my other half thinks too many in fact!) but it's my personality to be busy and productive. Everything I am involved in is important to me and I would struggle to take a back step from any of them but I have been good and vowed not to take on or be involved in anything else for the time being :)

As well as this, caring for DS and arranging dental, hair, GP appointments and attending parents evening, IEP, and annual review can be all a bit busy, busy, busy.

Some weeks I feel like I am constantly dashing from one place to the next with it all.
I honestly wouldn't change my role as a special needs Mum but I admit, it would be nice if things calmed down a little for a day or two every now and again.

So my new resolution this year is a first. It is to be a little selfish now and again! Sounds terrible and so irresponsible doesn't it? ;)

What I mean by that is I am going to make time just every now and again for me. Whether it's to have more date nights with the boyf or just to curl up on my squishy sofa with candles and read :)

To most people, I would guess that this doesn't sound like much of a new year's resolution at all but if you spent two days shadowing me you would certainly think differently! :D

I am not going to lie to you lovely people, I am going to find taking time out tough. I am going to be sitting there thinking

"I could be reading them meeting minutes now"


"I could be making a batch of  DS's favourite meal to freeze, it will only take a few minutes...."

It's certainly going to take some practising - that I do know :/ but I am going to remind myself that the more rested and chilled I am then I can serve this wonderful boy of mine much better! :)

To make it easier, I will be taking my 'selfish time' when DS isn't here. So when he is with Daddy or Nanny or even in school. There's no rule to having selfish time around 1pm :) (I so need to come up with a new name for it though!)

Following on from the back of taking more time to myself, my second resolution is to grow at least one vegetable. I will be aiming for more but I need at least one to successfully grow!

I have a huge garden which will be ace for growing delicious veggies :)

I have attempted growing my own food before but a cheeky little DS would trample over them and pull them out before ready so I put that idea on hold.

I am going to be starting with easy stuff and as I learn then move onto other things so fingers crossed.

There's my New Year Resolutions so all is left for me to say is I wish you and your families a very happy and healthy 2016 with lots of fun and great memories :)

*Something else on being green, I have just signed up to the Slim your Bin diet :) please see the link and sign up to receive tips on how to reduce your waste :)

Amanda :) xx


  1. Well done on achieving your resolutions from last year , I think your resolution for this year is perfect sometimes we forget to look after ourselves but it's so important to be able to take Time for yourself in order to be there for everyone else. Happy new year my lovely x

  2. Thank you so much Angela you're so right! We all too often are busy taking care of everyone else and checking they are okay that we forget about ourselves. I'm guilty of that far too often and wonder why I sometimes get exhausted and burnt out.
    DS and I have a absolutely lovely support network that surrounds us with lots of love so I need to be using that more
    Happy new year to you too xx