Monday, 2 May 2016

May Bank Holiday...

April has been and gone and we say hello to May.

I have very sweetly asked the gods above if May can bring some sunshine and warmth with it so fingers crossed my plea is heard :)

This bank holiday weekend, we ventured to Centre Parcs in Sherwood Forest for the very first time.

DS and I are both lovers of nature - forest, mountains, hills, rivers, streams and what better than to actually stay in a forest! But not any old forest, the legendary Sherwood Forest! :)

If I am honest, it wasn't that much of a success :( the park itself was very busy so we were limited to where we could take DS due to his sensory issues.....we tried to hire out an adapted bike for us both which looked absolutely awesome but I was told they only had 5 of these bike - 3 were already out and 2 were in repair :(

Also our apartment wasn't exactly the cleanest although it was right in the forest which was magical!
As a little apology we were given some gift vouchers for the superb Pancake House that I had heard so much about and once in there, I knew why. They offer pancakes of every variety and combination which taste delicious!

What was brilliant also was the subtropical waterpark, it was amazing and with DS being a keen swimmer he loved it!

The problem we had was that it became really busy and very noisy which was an issue for DS so I spoke to the manager and suggested a few ideas on how DS could enjoy the waterpark.

Fortunately, the manager was a really clued up and an helpful guy and suggested that DS and I could enter the waterpark an hour earlier before they opened to other guests. I was thrilled.

It meant that a lifeguard would have to follow us about (which is no bad thing) but allowed DS to go on the flumes and swim around in a quiet and peaceful setting with no queues as we were the only ones in there!

I cannot applaud this enough and promised to give feedback to the Centre Parc's manager about it.

Needless to say, it was a really positive experience for DS and the hour went far too quickly for our liking.
We whizzed down all the flumes, we swam and relaxed in the whirlpools and spa without another soul about :)

Before too long, the doors open and we watched as the crowds came in so we had one last slide and left before it all got too much for the main man.

We left for home that day but of course not without visiting the park's launderette  - like about a zillion times or something!

A couple of hours of driving later, we pulled up home and unpacked the car in the rain (why does it always rain when you come back from a break or holiday with loads of washing!?

Today is mainly catching up with stuff, baking and getting ready for the coming week ahead.

I hope you are having a lovely bank holiday weekend :)

Love Amanda xx

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