Thursday, 2 June 2016

What we got up to in May...

I am actually truly dumbfounded at how fast May whizzed by!

It could be because it was a busy month with the main event being DS's birthday!

I may have mentioned it before but I purposely timed for my baby to be born in May as I always thought it was a beautiful and kind month.

As a January child, my birthdays were a bit rubbish. Walking home from school, freezing, snuffly with a scarf wrapped around my face as the daylight is starting to fade away is as dreary as it sounds!

I very often remind my Mum of all this and it has become a bit of a running joke :)

One of my best childhood friend's birthday was in May and I have such lovely fond memories of her birthday parties in the garden, the sun shining and us all twirling in our floral Rah-rah skirts singing, dancing and laughing barefoot on the warm soft grass ;)

It is actually that friend's birthday memories that made me try for a May baby which all magically happened right on cue and with perfect timing :)

So we had a birthday party at home in the garden with a bouncy castle, balloons, yummy food, family, friends and lots of laughter and giggles - it was perfect!

We are now smack back in the middle of half term and as always, I have a few planned day outs and surprises up my sleeve.

Again with the weather being pretty fabulous right now, we've been out and about, stretching out lazily on the grass, going on woodland walks, tree climbing, picnics as well as being chased and tickled.

We are certainly loving Summer :)

We've been of course visiting our favourite centre and sensory room which I think I love just as much as DS!

We always have a great day out there.

Not too long before the long Summer break is here and as a very organised Mum, I am already making plans and bookings for us during that time to ensure everything runs smoothly.

But for now, I wish you a happy and successful June :)

Love Amanda xx

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