Monday, 11 July 2016

New Wheels...

I've always enjoyed a good walk and ramble.

I've had the same good quality walking boots for years that are still going strong.

I remember being in Inverness in a freezing cold January, 6 months pregnant, walking boots on and rambling over the Scottish countryside breathing in the frosty air and soooo loving it! :)

Even when DS came along, Daddy or I would wear a carrier with a baby DS tucked safely inside and we would go walking.

Nowadays, walking with DS is a little trickier and needs a bit more thought....

At 9 years and a tall strapping lad at that may I add, he obviously can't be carried anymore but isn't strong enough to do a long walk.

We tend to use his special buggy for when he becomes tired but as that's really only suppose to be for around town etc then it doesn't really perform well on rough terrain :(

We find its really really hard work to push - I've lost count of the times that its been dragged across fields and stuff! lol

So thinking of a alternative, I came across a special all terrain pushchair.
The description was that it would glide through forests, beaches and any uneven ground!

I applied to a charity for one and it arrived shortly after!

Oh my word! Its a dream to push!

Light as a feather is all I can describe it as with its 16" wheels that glide over uneven ground :)

DS is very comfy sat in the lambskin liner in it, he has lots more room and is very happy chilling away as we walk.

Yesterday was its debut, its first real off-road test drive!

We pushed it through woodland, uphills, downhills and along a muddy riverbank - all without any problem! :)

We couldn't believe how after a couple of hours into the walk, we weren't red in the face, muscles aching and us muttering 'never again' and 'who's idea was it come this way anyway'!?

Instead, we were chatting away about the river and the rowers that we kept seeing row past us :)

A lovely and successful Sunday walk :)

Love Amanda xx


  1. It's fantastic you can all enjoy such a lovely walk. The last photograph is so beautiful. X

  2. Aww thank you Jules, its one of my favourite pictures of us :) xx