Saturday, 16 July 2016

Preparing & Organising for the Summer...

DS only has a few days left in school before the Summer break.

I can't believe that a whole school year has come and gone in a flash!

So being a naturally organised person, I hopped onto the school's website and ordered his new school uniform (which he has gone up a size in by the way!)

This boy is forever growing - the top of his head now comes up to my chin!! - very scary stuff!!

His uniform arrived yesterday :) I order both Winter & Summer uniform in one hit so polo tee-shirts and warm sweaters for the more breezy months and lightweight round neck tee-shirts for the warmer months.

I tend to hold off on school trousers and shoes for another few weeks just in case he has another growth spurt as these spurts are coming thick and fast now .....but when I was in Aldi yesterday, I noticed a crowd of shoppers around one of the Special buys sections.

Being a little curious (more like very nosey!) I wandered over to see what was attracting all the attention.

It was the Specialbuy schoolwear  - school trousers for just £1.50! They were DS's size, in the right colour, the right style so I grabbed 5 pairs - BARGAIN! :) :)

Feeling pleased as punched with myself, I trotted off thinking it's just shoes and school socks I need to get now :)

Speaking of growing boys ;) I had a really good sort out this week and listed all of  DS's outgrown clothes on eBay. They all sold straightaway! so I went off to the Post Office loaded down with two large shopping bags full of parcels to post :) The person in the queue behind must have done a silent groan when they saw my two enormous shopping bags full to the brim with parcels!

Also this week, I finished making up the gift bags for DS's teacher and class staff.

We always like to show our appreciation and say a little thank you for all the hard work they put in with him - I always include a minature bottle of wine in each gift bag as I'm sure they need it some days - I certainly do! :) haha

Next week, on my to do list is to mow, strim, trim, tidy and weed the gardens (which is pretty much an all day job!) and clean the windows and then I am done and all ready to completely focus on playing with DS and giving him my undivided attention without niggly housework jobs occupying my mind :)

I also met up with my Special Mums for lunch - just in case any of us do not survive the holidays! lol we will meet up again during the holidays but it's always good to find an excuse to get together with them and we certainly do not need much of an excuse!

I also won a chocolate hamper this week which will come in very handy for the Summer break! :)

It contains quite a few bars of DS's favourite chocolate so he will be very pleased :)

So that's been a snippet of this week with the key theme being to get organised for the Summer holidays.

I wonder if it's just me that started prepping for the holidays or do other Mums do something similar or even something entirely different!

If you do, please let me know :) I would love to hear what you do.

Love Amanda


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