Friday, 7 June 2013

Clothes are soo overrated....

When I come across this..
I know that I'm going to shortly come across this..

DS has never been a big fan of clothing but just lately its been harder than usual to get him to keep something on -even if its just a pair of shorts!

He will play in the garden with not a stitch on loving feeling just the sunshine and air on his skin.

I've mentioned before that DS has sensory issues which is pretty much a given thing for someone with autism. He finds clothes restrictive and the fibres and stitching of clothes rubs on his skin and drives his mad.

Have you ever worn a itchy jumper that you just want to take off as the itchiness of it is annoying? Well clothes for DS feels like that but x10!

Lables feel like little stabbings at the back of his neck and stitching feels like sandpaper rubbing against his arms and chest - it is so uncomfortable and even painful for some children.

DS will do his best to tolerate wearing clothes in school and as soon as he is home he will strip which you can see is a big relief to him. I suppose its similiar to being in work wearing a stuff suit and heels and when you get in the heels get kicked off in the hallway and the suit is replaced with something comfy even py-jamas!

We tolerate the suit and heels in work as we know thats what we have to wear but when we get home we want to relax so they come off - just like DS does with his clothes.

Today our fab Camhs worker visited us and we were talking about DS's sensory issues with clothing.
Camhs has advised me not to worry or try and put clothes on him when he is at home and playing in the garden if he doesn't want to wear them as DS knows and accepts that he has to wear clothes to go out somewhere then we really don't have any major problems here - my view exactly I thought! :)

Have a good weekend and enjoy the sunshine wether you're a clothes wearing person or not, it doesn't matter ;) xx


  1. I loved this post. Your little boy is such a Cutie Pie! Who cares if he ditches his clothes once he gets home? My nephew who is 4 would often do the same.
    You really are a lovely mummy!

  2. Aww thank you that is so nice of you to say. Glad to hear its not just him that does it! lol x