Saturday, 22 June 2013


These last few weeks have been particulary hard.

DS behaviour is still a issue, he is still weeing in anything he can wether associated with water or not, we are also doing poos in some new places!

Also when I have been getting him dressed for school he has becomes so distressed and upset that Ive been telling the school taxi to go without out him whilst I calm him down.
Sometimes he hasn't calmed down until I've said that there is no school today which I've seen him instantly relaxed.
This is the only way DS can communicate to me.

Now to be clear, I not all for my child having odd days off school without a very good reason. My parents sent me to school every single day unless I was poorly and I mean really poorly, I went in on birthdays the lot! My average year attendance was never under 98%.

It is clear that there is something about school or the taxi that DS is finding very difficult to tolerate - I've never seen him like this so without a moment to lose and after taking DS to the park and pushing him on the swings at 8.15am! I began to investigate.

I thought I would start with school first so went in class to speak to DS's teacher. He said everything was fine and DS was not showing any signs of being distressed in school and when I drove DS into school the next day to observe this myself I could see that he was right, DS was happy to come and ran into class all happy and excited.

So next is to look at transport.

DS shares transport with several other children all going to his school. His regular driver and escort are lovely and have a good understanding of DS.
I spoke to the transport co-ordinator who had already identified that there is a little bit of a spat going on with two other children in the vehicle and suspects that DS is picking up on this and not liking it. I myself suspect that there may be a few raised voices in the vehicle about this that DS finds difficult to tolerate.

I think we may of found the issue here, we can now work on it to make it bearable for DS to travel to school happy and relaxed.

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