Saturday, 1 June 2013

Sweet 16....

I know that I've mentioned this before but DS has the best cousins in the world!

He has 2 cousins and will only ever have 2 cousins as both Daddy and I are not from a big family - we both only have one sibling each but if we're talking about quality rather than quantity then DS is very lucky as he does have 'quality' cousins!

Yesterday was Gorgeous Cousin (GC) 16th birthday.
I remember the day she was born, it was a Saturday morning when we got the call from my brother to say him and my sister-in-law had a baby girl, I was still half asleep in bed when I heard Mum answer the phone. I then heard her squeal and talking all excited!
The day was gorgeous as I remember driving to the hospital to meet her that morning with the car window down, sunnies on and Radiohead playing on the stereo.
Both Gorgeous Cousin & Handsome Cousin (HC) popped in so DS could sing happy birthday to her and help her blow out her candles, well blow them out for her!, she didn't even get to have a go!

DS loves HC & GC coming to visit and he loved them having a bounce with him on his trampoline - they have a very calming influence on him and if he is starting to get agitated or anxiety is kicking in then just seeing them has a calming effect on him.
Now that HC is a big strong and hunky 17 year old, he can lift, swing and throw DS around with ease. As you can imagine DS loves it!
So you can start to see why he loves his HC & GC - they're are just so fab with him!!
So DS let our sweet 16 open her own cards and presents as this bit is very uninteresting to him, unless one of the presents happen to be washing machine related, otherwise his attitude is that he has got better things to do!
Wishing our beautiful, witty, intelligent, kind and a great person to be around GC a very happy 16th birthday! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.S. Hope you're all enjoying the sun. DS certainly is and its been 3 days since our last meltdown! xx

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