Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Up and Away....

I've been encouraged to do it for a long time by a lot of my family but I never have......until now.

I've done it! I've booked to go Spain for a few days to re-charge the batteries and come back energised.

My Mum has been telling me to do this for a long time and now things are tougher with DS, I'm drained quicker and I feel now is the time to take her advice, as Mum knows best doesn't she??

So in a few days I will be jetting off to the sun to do.......nothing!
As I'm exhausted and run down the thought of doing nothing is bliss!
This is what I have planned...
Noticed how all requires little or no effort at all!! Aaahhhh

I'm going for the weekend and as DS and I have never been parted for this long before I am a little worried about it but Im assured that if he is distressed for any unusal length of time then I will be informed and will make my way home.

I know he is in good hands with Nanny and Daddy (Ive made Daddy move in with Nanny for the weekend to take care of him together!) but I'm still a little anxious.

I will tell him when I'm going and when I'm coming back so hopefully he will understand it all a little better.

I'm looking forward to it and my aim is to completely relax and come back a new woman with bags of energy, I will do another post next week telling you how it went.

Have a good weekend

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