Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A Lovely after school surprise....

I would imagine that if you asked a neuro-typical child what is their favourite place, I would expect the answer to be something along the lines of Disneyworld, Lapland or Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory (okay, okay that last one is my answer!).
If you asked DS that very same question, his answer would be a laundrette!

I had some dry cleaning to drop off at my local laundrette and as always I take DS with me because he loves the place so much.

Whenever there is laundrette scene on Eastenders, DS immediately stops what he is doing and stares at the TV - I don't think he even blinks!
Dot Branning is a icon in our house! I can just imagine a few years from now, whilst boys his age are putting girl bands posters on their bedroom walls, DS will be putting one up of Dot putting on a service wash!

Anyway after collecting DS from school we went straight to the laundrette. He was all excited when I told him where we were going.
We pulled up and in a flash DS had released his seat belt (I hated it when he recently discovered how to do this and more worryingly how pleased he looked about it) and was running into the laundrette.

The owners know us erm..pretty well now and are brilliant with DS.
He danced and jumped whilst looking into all the machines
He even his own little way
They say he is their future Saturday boy and what a fine looking Saturday boy he will be too!

This wouldn't look too bad on a bedroom wall...............would it??

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