Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A Successful Day Out....

Blimey! Are you enjoying this weather?
I've found the heat during some days too intense but I'm not going to complain as I would rather this than rain any day!

Well with the weather being glorious as it is, we decided to spend the day at a very beautiful national park. We have taken DS there before and he loves it with it's Clearwater stream.

Daddy and I realised that the park would be very crowded so as always we planned to arrive very early when few people are there and leave when it starts picking up to avoid random children being attacked by DS when they scream, shout and squeal (as kids do!)
Without minutes, DS was stripped to the buff and paddling in the stream with the biggest smile on his face, as we were pretty much the only people around we let him.
Playing in the water was his favourite bit surrounded by silence - no traffic noise, no shouting, no dogs barking, no babies crying - all perfect for DS.

DS wanted to explore the other side of the stream but wasn't brave enough to paddle over so he requested a lift up from Daddy by putting his arms up to him.
We managed to spend about 2 hours there before the coach loads and people carriers full of visitors started to arrive so we began to pack up and make a move.
On the way home we came across a country pub with a huge bouncy castle and play area but the best bit we noticed was that no other children was playing on it - Yes! we chanted together which made me giggle that we were thinking exactly the same thing!

We swung in and relaxed in the beer garden with ice colds drinks relaxed that no children were going to be hurt whilst DS played blissfully.
As the day was going swimmingly well we decided that we would try taking DS to a family pub for lunch. He sat beautifully and ate his chocolate fudge cake (the only thing on the menu he would eat) whilst playing with Daddy's iphone. It was a really relaxed experience which a few short years ago would of been very different.

I'm chuffed to bits as it's been a while since we had a successful day like this with no meltdowns happening in between which left me grinning like the Cheshire Cat for the rest of the evening.

A great weekend in more ways than one!

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