Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Just what the doctor ordered....

Well I've been and am now back from what I can only describe as a very lovely lovely lovely and relaxing weekend.

I literally did nothing and it was bliss.

As I mentioned in my previous post,caring for a child with additional needs is hard work. I've been a tad stressed, knackered, run down and running on empty for a while now so when I arrived at the beautiful apartment in Spain (courtesy of a lovely couple who are friends of mine and I can't thank them enough!) I slept and slept some more
I slept on the beach whilst tanning my tootsies..
Ate good food..
and naughty food!...

Sampled the local Sangria..
and the local wines....well it would be rude not to!..
The weekend was bliss and did what I hoped it would do which was to relax me and up my coping threshold - definitely mission accomplished!

So after 2 nights away I was starting to really miss DS and was so looking forward to seeing him. I knew DS was doing fine as Daddy and I was in touch re text messages he was keeping me well informed on how DS was during the day, he would text when he was asleep and the things he was up to.
Before I left, I made Daddy and Nanny promise me that if DS was too distressed then they had to inform me and I would make my way back home - they promised they would but I really shouldn't of worried as they both reassured me that DS was fine although in his own little way he did ask where I was the morning I left, Daddy explained in simple terms and DS seemed satisfied with his answer.

This was all looking like it could be a success!

As arranged, Daddy was picking us up from the airport and I asked him to bring DS with him as I couldn't wait to see him a moment longer than I had to, when I walked out of the airport terminal there was no sign of them until a few mins later I spotted the car and could see my gorgeous DS in the back! I jumped in the back with him showered him with lots of kisses, he gave me a beautiful big smile to welcome me and then fell asleep snuggled into me on the way home - the perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

How very very lucky am I......

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