Saturday, 27 July 2013

Schools Out....

Its come around again and this one is the biggy!

Oh yes its the School Summer Holiday! *eeek!*
And at 3.10pm, when you see this very sight... know that the holidays have begun!.....*gulp*

We find school holidays tough!
DS is out of his normal routine so he can get often get anxious causing bouts of him being angry, frustrated and upset.
Due to DS sensory issues, we are very limited as to where we can go during the holidays as places such as the Zoo, theme parks, beach etc gets very busy during these weeks so taking him anywhere is bound to cause sensory overload. Crowds and all the noise are just to much for DS to process and tolerate so this creates a massive meltdown, its tough for the little guy.

However, I had planned a few days in Spain with him. The part of Spain we were going is very quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist areas, a bit out in the sticks really with pretty much our own pool.

DS loved it! He dealt with the flight very well as he always does and enjoyed hearing his splashes in the pool as the only sound - he even said a new word "pool"! (if that doesn't deserve a new toy washing machine then there is no justice in this world!!)

The holiday in the sun was a huge success!

Then on day 2, something amazingly special happened!

Out of nowehere, DS put his face in the water and lifted it out again. I handed him a towel to dry his face which he did, then put his face in the water again, repeating this pattern.

Then on day 3, he was swimming under water! Chuffed to bits with his little self isn't the words! He did it all day which is great for him but scary for me! I was forever scooping him up out of the water because I felt he had been under for too long!
His behaviour was much better than anticpated although we did have several wobbly moments but overall a very good break.

This week Ive got our very first real camping trip planned so as usual, I will start preparing him for it a few days before showing pictures of camping and telling camping stories so he knows what to expect.

Only 6 more weeks to go! Ha!

Have a good weekend!


  1. Just looked in on your blog, and I must take my hat off to you! Looking after a kid with autism is a tuff call. You seem to have things pretty well under control. Nice to see that your son could enjoy the holiday in Spain. Good luck with camping, too. All kids love camping trips. I`m sure yours will love it.

  2. Thank you Sarina! We do have our tough days but we have our lovely days too and yes Im confident he will love camping but maybe be a bit too excited! x