Saturday, 10 August 2013

Fishy Business....

Following on from my last post about DS eating more of a varied diet, I decided (at risk of pushing it too far with him) that I would go a step further and try him with McDonald's Fish Fingers!

Now back in the day when DS ate more than a bit of mid-morning sand and grass snack he would quite happily chomp on these delightful little trio *Mummy thinks happy omega 3 thoughts*

I remember my boyfriend and I taking DS to Disneyland for his 4th birthday and DS refusing to eat a single thing there, he just drank fresh orange juice, I was worried sick he was going to starve as we were there for 5 days!
My boyfriend went off to do a bit of investigating and came back to happily inform me that he had spotted a McDonalds not far from our hotel *yay!* so off we all trotted very excited that DS was going to eat something that I know he would like as this was day 2 of fasting.

I should of known that it was too good to be true, this particular McDonalds served everything but fish fingers, I think I sat and sobbed whilst other diners stared on at me and my boyfiend trying to console me. To be honest how he didn't run a mile from me at that moment  never to contact me again I really don't know *as I blow my nose on his tee-shirt and dry my wet face looking up at him asking is there really no fish fingers here??*

So back at the hotel my boyfriend sat me down with a large wine whilst we thought of a plan! The best one we could come up with was chocolate brownie! Yes we could buy them everywhere, DS liked them so he lived on chocolate brownies for 4 days! *sighs of relief.......well sort of*

Anyway back to what I was saying, yesterday I swung my car through our local drive-thru, ordered fish finger happy meal, popped it next to DS not uttering a word and drove home watching him closely.
DS peered into the box, took out a fish finger, examined it closely, licked it, had a little think then took a bite! I was ecstatic! I was grinning ear to ear and even punched the air *strange looks from people in car next to me whilst queuing at traffic lights*

Im so pleased that DS is eating another food!

Who needs to win the lottery when your child eats fish fingers...........

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