Friday, 2 August 2013

Food, Glorious Food....or is it?

Many child with autism have what is referred to as sensory integration difficulties.

DS is one of these children.

This is when someone has difficulty in processing sensory information such as sound, noise etc. DS's biggest sensory issue is noise which I often talk about - its is a huge for one for him but he also has others with taste being a close second.

DS has a very limited diet as he can only tolerate around 5 different foods so he practically eats the same thing every day, day in and day out. He is very happy with this whilst Mummy is researching if this is enough for him to gain all his essential vitamins and to keep healthy *slightly worried face whilst frantically searching on laptop*

Trying to encourage him to try something new, he simply pushes it away clearly demonstrating his desire not to do so.

Some children with autism will only eat a certain colour food and will not eating anything any other colour or they can not tolerate their food touching on the plate, everything has to be separate.

DS is typically autism when it comes to this, his 5 foods have to be the same brand, if I was to try him with a different brand he would know instantly and refuse to eat!

Naturally, I've been really worried in the past that DS was losing out on lots of vitamins due to his very limited diet and I have taken him kicking and screaming to see nurses, doctors and dieticians who have reassured me that as he looks healthy, has lots of energy (oh lots and lots by the way!) and is the right weight for his height and age then there is no cause for concern.

So I decided to start chilling out about this a bit, keeping a eye on things but chilling out as DS picks up on my anxieties so I NEED to relax about this before I cause any further problems.

I've been doing well, even seeing DS scoffing sand and seaweed on the beach *immediately gets on laptop again researching the vitamin content of sand and seaweed with some hope* I remained calm and relaxed.

The National Autistic Society says:
Chemical receptors in the tongue tell us about different tastes - sweet, sour, spicy and so on. People with an ASD may experience the following differences.


  • Likes very spicy foods.
  • Eats everything - soil, grass, Play-dough. This is known as pica.


  • Finds some flavours and foods too strong and overpowering because of very sensitive taste buds. Has a restricted diet.
  • Certain textures cause discomfort; some children will only eat smooth foods like mashed potatoes or ice-cream.

About 12 months ago, DS dropped the only two meals he would eat. I was gutted so he lived on snacks, toast and cereal. From time to time I would try him again with these meals but no joy.

However, recently when cooking he would take a interest. He would wander into the kitchen and nosey into the pan to see what it was. I got the feeling he was looking for the 'dropped' meals so that very day, I bought the ingredients and made large batches of these to try him with them again.

I was right!
DS hardly let me dish the food up before pulling on the bowl! He ate 3 bowls of chicken curry before stopping and has been eating it every day!

I'm so glad that these foods are back in his diet *sigh of relief and happy face* and he is getting some more nutrition.

I always remember a staff nurse telling me about his grandson who has autism, he would only eat cake and nothing else! If it wasn't a cake then he didn't want to know. Again, he was healthy, well and had lots of energy.

I've always wondered if a person with autism absorbs the vitamins and minerals from food differently then a typical person as especially in DS's case just a few foods benefit him much more then it would say me........hmmmmm........*frantically gets on laptop to find out more about this*.......

Have a good weekend!

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