Thursday, 22 August 2013

My own little Holland....

Remember me telling you just before the Summer holidays how my Mum has been encouraging me to take some time out for a few days? and I relented and booked Spain?
Well, now I know that DS was fine and after having a taste of relaxation I also went to Amsterdam earlier this week too!
It was lovely, I wandered around the streets, sat chilling by the canals, sat in cosy little street cafes just watching the world go by, it was so lovely especially with the good weather we had there too!

I just couldn't leave Holland without visiting the Anne Frank Huis although it was very very sad.

It brought home to me how very lucky we are today, I can't imagine what the Frank family went through, the fear they lived in, their lives in the horrendous death camps and Otto Frank surviving Auschwitz to come home to learn that all his family were all dead. Its a very sobering story and one you can't help but feel its presence walking around the secret annexe.

Being in Holland makes me think of the beautiful poem that was written by a parent when she was asked to describe what it was like to be a parent to a child with additional needs.
The first time I read this I was sobbing before I got the end..

Its beautiful and describes it perfectly!
A few years ago, I was on a Hanen course with several other groups of parents. Their children were on the pathway to be diagnosed with ASC, I was the only parent who child had already received their diagnosis and I took this poem in and read it out.
I also handed each a copy to keep for the 'challenging' days to read as I think its very inspirational.

So yes I loved my visit to Amsterdam but much much more so I loved coming back home to my very own little 'Holland' xx