Friday, 16 August 2013

Fun, Fun, a few meltdowns, a unexpected call of Nature and more fun....

We're over half way of the Summer break and things have been going okay with a few bumpy periods.
DS is coping with it all well although we have had some meltdowns and a few wobbles but all to expected.

Although I'm purposely avoiding taking him to crowded and noisy places we have still managed to get about and do a fair bit.
Our recent adventure was a trip to London!

The reason behind this trip was to visit the British Science Museum in Kensington to see...........washing machines!
Oh yes! This little Aladdin's cave had several of these beauties displaying the first models of the front loader - DS was very impressed!
On the way out DS started pulling at Daddy's arm, we couldn't work out what he wanted then we spotted it! DS has noticed a washing machine hanging from the ceiling and wanted lifting up to it! *the boy does not miss anything*
We then moved on to the water play bit...*which he also bent down and had a drink from the water*

As you can imagine, the museum was heaving with people so we made our way out. We decided to head to the Thames and find a quiet spot to sit and have a ice cream
DS was doing really well but I could see that he at the point where he wouldn't be able to take much more so we started to make our way back to the room. We had almost made it when DS had a major meltdown in Euston tube station!
I would imagine that we got many stares but I wouldn't know as all my attention is on him and trying to calm him down. We eventually made it back to the room which is DS fave part of going away anywhere.

Other things we have been up to are:
Country Walks....well running and Mummy chasing DS!

Hide and Seek:
Fun Days:
Train Rides:
The Fun Day one is a bit of a sore point. At this particular fun day there was a giant inflatable football arena which the children are strapped into. This means when playing football each child can only move so far before being sprung back into their place by a huge elastic band tied around their waist. DS was desperately trying to get into this inflatable which I was stopping him as the game was in full play. DS being the wriggly worm that he is, got free from my grip ran towards the football game, jumped over, pulled down his shorts and had a very long wee in the middle of the game! The children were all shouting "ewww" *very red faced*
I wanted to shout "whos is this little boy"? and then escape back to the car as I saw the children evacuate from the inflatable and the thing being er.....deflated. Instead I took him hand and we left *sad face*
I think we are going to keep a very low profile at the next few fun days!

A lot of things are trial and error with DS, he is my main teacher.
I take my cues from him, some are very subtle, invisible to the 'untrained' eye but I can always spot them and he knows this, he know that Mummy can never miss any of his cues that he gives off.
I'm learning from DS all the time, I have never been given a 'instruction manual' for him as children with autism are all different and unique so I would imagine it would be very difficult to write one anyway.

I think its fair to say that I'm knowledgeable about autism and I'm a expert in DS but that doesn't to say I know everything. Someone once told me:

 "You'll be learning from your child for the rest of your life, you will never get to a point where you know absolutely everything and cannot be taught anything new. It's impossible"

I agree with this.
Raising a child with autism is a journey that I did not plan or forsee when I was planning on starting a family but it is one that I've completely accepted, embraced and will always give my absolute all to.

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