Friday, 8 January 2016

Happy and Positive Starts....

Just barely a week into 2016 and already such positive things are happening which make me a happy bunny! :)

The first thing that I have to share is that my lovely Mum now lives right near me - yay! :)

There really aren't many parents that will just up sticks and move closer to their grown up children to help and support them now, are there?

However, my Mum has simply done just that.
I have always known how lucky I was to have the best parents ever!

My Mum helps me with DS and he absolutely loves her! She is marvellous with him and understands his needs very well.

So after living in her house for 41 years! She packed up and moved to my little village which is just an 8 minute walk from my door to hers :)

December was spent packing up her house, painting, wallpapering and lugging heavy furniture around.
I worked on her new house pretty much all day throughout December. I would make myself a flask of tea drop DS off at school then go straight to the house to start work until around 7pm!

The boyf was an absolute godsend! He did loads of decorating too and kinda organised us all to make sure the move was swift. He set up all the technical stuff as well as hanging doors, drilling, putting up shelves and giving me the biggest bear hug when he could see I was starting to feel overwhelmed with the work to be done or when I was getting tired.

I finished the day before Christmas Eve and was back in on Boxing Day finishing off bits.

For the few weeks, there was no heating or hot water so I would come home frozen, tired and hungry.

It's all been absolutely worth it though as it looks so lovely and cosy and she officially moved in this week! (Is it wrong that I am a teeny weeny bit jealous just how snug, warm and cosy it is?)

As a result, DS keeps asking to go over which means that for most of the week I have been child-free. Mum loves having him over and encourages it - not that DS needs much encouragement! ;)
It means that the boyf and I have had some lovely quality time together which has been welcomed :)
Mum already has been encouraging us to have more dates whilst she takes DS for the night as she said it's important for us to rest and chill together. Can you see why I love her so much? lol

I am thrilled she is a stone's throw away in a lovely house and so glad that all the hard work is behind us.

As a result, I am a bit run down but that will soon be rectified next week when I am whisked away for an amazing spa break! (can't wait!)

So today was spent in my own house. I deep cleaned the whole house, stripped the beds and hung it all out on the washing line - who else often finds themselves staring at sheets blowing happily in the wind whilst you're snug indoors with a hot cup of tea? ;) I find something so satisfying in it! :)

I also prepped a Chicken Casserole and popped it in my slow cooker for tea tonight. The aromas coming from it smell delicious.

So that's the house clean and gleaming, tea simmering away and DS staying at Nanny's new house.....there's only one thing to end this happy day - a mini pampering session! Hair and face masks, a sweet smelling bath bomb and pretty nail varnishes at the ready :)

Such a fab start to 2016!

I feel so happy, in love and surrounded by the best people ever! I already have the feeling that this is going to be one absolutely amazing year! :)