Sunday, 17 January 2016

Birthday Celebrations and Exciting News....

Oh my giddy aunt - where on earth do I start?!

This week, the boyf whisked me off to the most gorgeous country home with acres and acres of beautiful grounds for a spa break.

Our birthdays are within the same week so it's always a double celebration which we both love :)

Arriving with luggage that looks like we are staying for the week rather than the weekend lol we climbed the most fabulous staircase to our room.

The room had the most fantastic view of the front of the grounds which we enjoyed sat snuggled together admiring the beautiful frosty icy white view :)

There was a birthday card to us both and a little box of chocolates left on the bed as well as a bottle of wine on ice - perfect! (I found out later that the boyf arranged this as well as personally choosing the fantastic room knowing how much I would love it!)

The boyf steered me to the spa where he had booked us in for treatments - oh my word! It was absolutely heavenly! I think I actually floated out of the treatment room afterwards as I was that relaxed. The boyf looked extra chilled too and said he had had the best bamboo massage ever!

Next was lunch. We sat snuggled up on a sofa in our fluffy bathrobes and slippers being waited on and drinking prosecco.
The day was so perfect, little did I know at that point what else he had in store for me! ;)

Later that evening, with a glint in his eye that I was struggling to translate, he proposed in the most beautiful way!

Please forgive me for not going into detail how he did it as it's something that is personal to us but believe me it was absolutely perfect and much much more!!

The planning that must of gone into it is heartwarming <3 <3 I had no idea! He's a little sneak isn't he? But I'll forgive him! haha

Not a couple to hang about lol we have booked the wedding for this year! *eeek*!

The response we have had from our family and friends to the news has just been fab!
We have had loads and loads of congratulations and best wishes which have made us beam even more that soooo many people are so happy for us! :)

What a magical weekend we've had and what a fantastic start to the year! I will try (though I can't promise! lol) not to hijack this blog with wedding spam! ;)

Hope you had a lovely weekend too :) xx


  1. Congratulations, so excited for you both. Looking forward to hearing about your plans xx

  2. Thank you!! :) We need to arrange something as soon as! :) xx

  3. Aw that's lovely news, so pleased for you both, congratulations xx