Friday, 22 January 2016

Free Day & Wedding Update...

Today is my first 'free' day this week.

I  absolutely love having a day to myself where I don't have to rush off anywhere so after dropping DS off at school guess what I did? Relax? Read? Visit a friend.....?

Noooooooo. I walked through the door hung up my coat and scarf, rolled up my sleeves and started filling up a hot soapy bucket of water! Oh yes! I was on a cleaning mission! :)

I was determined that today was going to be a productive day so I started by cleaning the inside of all the windows with my cool squeegee thingy and then I moved outside to clean all the windows and frames on the outside finishing off cleaning the front door and outside light :)

I then came inside and blitzed the rest of the house :)

It's lunchtime and I've just finished and sat down with a cup of tea, not bad going considering how much I have done and I started around 9.20am.

When DS is at school, I am absolutely terrible for trying to cram as many jobs that are difficult to do when he is home into the day.

If you remember one of my new year resolutions was to rest more and as I knew I would, I am finding it very difficult to do.......but I am always trying lol

We have a lovely and a little bit busy weekend ahead of us :)
It consists of DS and I going to some lovely autism specific activity sessions which we both love and enjoy :) I always find the weekends go too quickly which leaves me pining to spend more time with him :(

Moving on to our recent engagement, I kinda promised that I wouldn't be clogging up this blog with wedding stuff so I won't but as I have been asked questions about our up and coming nupitals then I thought I would write a mini update here :)

First off, I really want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone that has sent us best wishes and congratulations! <3 We are both mega excited! :)

The venue is booked for this year along with a few other bits and pieces and the first batch of invitations went out this week! (we do have more to prep and post though).

It's a second wedding for us both and as I was married in a church the first time round, I was really drawn to a civil ceremony in a beautiful location so that is exactly what we have gone for :)

The registrar is all firmly booked for our date and I have an appointment to visit next week to give my 'notice of marriage' (the boyf has already done his) so we are mega excited and every so often we will look at each other, pull excited faces and go "eeeeeeee" which is just something silly we do but always makes us both crease up laughing! :) :)

Will do a separate post sometime on how we have planned this day a little differently taking into deep consideration of DS and his sensory issues and what we have decided.......but for now I have to dash!

Have a lovely weekend! :)


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